Saturday, November 7, 2009

15 ways for better sleep

Do you sit up at night not bothering to go to bed because you know you won't sleep? Or, do you climb into bed and then toss and turn getting more and more frustrated because sleep won't come? If so, don't despair because help is at hand.

Whether you are suffering from short-term, transient insomnia or longer-term chronic severe insomnia, curing insomnia is simpler than you might think.

Here are 15 ways that provide a natural cure for insomnia and that will set you on the road to better sleep.

1.Only use your bed for sleeping or having sex, not for reading, doing paperwork, watching TV, snacking, or making phone calls.

2.If you've been lying in bed but are beginning to fear you're not going to drop off, try some of these techniques: Count sheep or count backwards from 100 (one of my favorites) to stop yourself from thinking about the problems of yesterday or tomorrow; breathe deeply for awhile; or visualize some peaceful place.

3.If you can't get to sleep after lying in bed for 30 minutes or more, get up for awhile. What to do? Try reading something incredibly boring.

4.Develop a bedtime routine.

5.Keep regular bedtime hours.

6.Before bedtime, avoid tobacco and caffeinated beverages (not just coffee, but other drinks like tea, cola, and Dr. Pepper).

7.Avoid alcohol right before bedtime — a nightcap might get your mind fuzzy enough to put you to sleep, but such sleep may be interrupted by periods of awakening. By contrast, the stress-lowering effect of a drink with dinner may help to promote sleep later.

8.Avoid naps (or falling asleep in front of boring TV programs, as I do).
Try to get up at the same time every day rather than sleeping in on weekends.

9.Exercise every day, but not shortly before bedtime since exercise gets the adrenaline going.

10.If you use an illuminated clock for a wakeup alarm, place it where you can't keep looking at it to check the time.

11.Buy a firm mattress and keep your bedroom well ventilated (a cool temperature works best for me).

12.And you might also try some of these: a warm bath, warm milk, light bedtime snack, massage, or quiet music (which turns itself off automatically).

13.Use earplugs for extreme quiet.
14.If you have a painful joint or a headache, take a pain pill before bedtime (but be sure it doesn't contain caffeine).

15.Avoid stimulating reading or television shows late at night.

Make a few simple changes to your lifestyle today and start enjoying better sleep tomorrow.

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