Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exercises During Pregnancy

As with all decisions about your health at this time of your life, you should consult your doctor before starting any exercise during pregnancy. But if you and your doctor decide that a good training program for you is my personal experience, I recommend starting with one. This is not just a good idea for you, but if done properly, is beneficial for your baby. Studies have shown that women stick to an exercise program during pregnancy experience many advantages over those who do. Statistically, women who exercise during pregnancy feel better and stay more active, receiving less weight, are less likely to back pain and suffer from constipation, sleep better, easier and faster behind this tradition.
What exercises are best for pregnant women? Low Ones effects. Never do the exercises too much glass and bounce your body. No weight training. And to hear the rhythm of your heart. Get a heart rate monitor low prices and will keep your heart rate is still below 140th in the top that you're warmed up throughout the year. You are sweating on the situation, but your baby can not. One of my favorite exercises when I got pregnant. When you walk, you can control how long you do, how fast it is, and if you want to incorporate a hill or two on the road. Often my husband to accompany me. This would in many ways. First, it is good to have company, and secondly, I felt that if by breath or difficulty speaking, walking, I knew I was pushing too hard and this will lead to a result. In warm weather, I would walks home from the street. Remember, never overheated. And always listen to your body. If you feel tired and want to stop. Then stop. Do not push yourself. If you are good, some days, then take a day. Also listen to your body.

It really worked for me was joining an inexpensive program that I found online for pregnant women. As part of a team really helped. I followed a diet and exercise, and attended a forum with other women, were at the same time I was pregnant. The result was a healthy pregnancy, labor and surprisingly relaxed and I was literally back into shape in two months after birth.

And if you think I was in my twenties and professional athletes --- you are wrong. I thought the twins just months shy of my 40th birthday and I've never done one time.

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