Friday, November 6, 2009

Swine-Flu Panic in Ukraine: Crisis or Political Ploy?

Ukraine is in the middle of what some would call pork hysteria against influenza. The country was in virtual lock on state government for closure of schools, universities and cinemas and a ban on public gatherings until the end of November. Pharmacies running masks, those who lack sound improvising with blankets or facsimiles home. Rumors and produced widespread, as did the Soviet era, when the authorities tried to cover catastrophic crisis such as Chernobyl. We are concerned that the swine flu mutates and kills dozens of people, said Nina Sokolovska as it stood in line at a pharmacy.

Given the continuing rumors and political instability in the country, but some Ukrainians have suggested that the gravity of the situation is Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko exaggerated for political purposes before the presidential elections in January.

Others receiving influenza pandemic with greater seriousness and responsibility for the mismanagement of the government's response efforts Tymoshenko.
Viktor Yanukovych, opposition leader and pioneer in the presidential race, urged the Minister of Health, should be rejected and accused Tymoshenko puts human health at risk by the launch of its own with a rally just six days before the ban public meetings were announced. Tymoshenko knew he should not have so many people in Kiev. He had fled when the plague, he said. Former associate current President Viktor Yushchenko Tymoshenko the 2004 Orange Revolution and now bitter rival, attacked, and to conduct a campaign event said it was criminal irresponsibility that allows the disease to spread.

Berezovets Taras, Director Ms Tymoshenko said that Yushchenko time and the use of other presidential candidates, the epidemic of swine flu as an opportunity to attack the prime minister. The media are responsible for the panic. From the beginning, the government told people to remain calm and follow some simple rules, he said.

Tymoshenko has been guilty of one thing: sending messages. Closing schools and banning public gatherings are among the toughest measures in Europe against the virus H1N1. Tymoshenko has not been adopted in full force for people to be vaccinated against the virus. There have been vaccinated, he said in a televised speech this week. I have to protect themselves, and anything with lemon, onion, garlic, whatever is necessary. I think it is simply the best way to protect your health, even by the usual way. Yushchenko, the who has been invited to vaccinated individuals immediately.

Everyday Ukrainians are the political conflicts that the country faced after the Orange Revolution, five years ago to be used. Many people look for themselves, because they do not trust the government to do everything for them. People recommended Tymoshenko used increasingly popular, are somewhat stronger than the tonic. A vodka a day away from the swine flu, blind, said an elderly woman in the street.

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