Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mental Health

Part of Brain Fitness is able to read the emotions of other people. Now you are, the more they will participate in the interaction with people, either socially or in business. Like any skill can enhance the social dimension of your emotional intelligence. More often than not interpret even the intentions of others. We, of course, reading facial expressions and gestures, to know when you are happy, angry or anxious. There is indeed a test, you may be asked to read the mind of the eye, to see how you were able to read the other emotions. You can use the whole test in several Internet search of Play the head in his eyes.

A new paper reviews the role of a specific hormone in improving your ability to read, thoughts of others - their feelings and intentions need not speak, understand. The hormone oxytocin, has established the role of the love and commitment.
For example, oxytocin increases the baby and mother during breastfeeding and contributes to the emotional relationship between mother and child.

The new study gave volunteers firing of oxytocin or a placebo via nasal spray and then asked for a test Read the test eye the mind of the social intelligence to take action. The test uses images of eyes to see how well the feelings of participants Gage Just look at the eyes.
It turned out that oxytocin significantly improved the performance of individuals in the sample. It's exciting because it means that a hormone produced in part responsible for our social skills and our ability to natural hormone that affects our ability at all times.

The big question is, there are things you can do to improve higher levels of oxytocin and demonstrate your ability to the feelings of others? Tried to scientific articles, they will find the address but could not find studies the problem immediately. However, we know that oxytocin is associated with love and support behavior that it is possible that a deliberate attempt to feel that emotion can enhance your oxytocin levels and improve your skills.

If you are a fan of the movie The Secret go (although I think a bit more) - you know that many supporters of the need for self-development in the world is grateful to everyone. I suspect deliberately think about what you can actually increase oxytocin in the brain grateful. This will also improve your social skills and improve your chances of establishing economic relations that could help you achieve your goals in your life.

This goes back), the concept of EPIQ performance that I presented earlier (ie, emotional intelligence, physical and spiritual. Now you can control your feelings and put in some emotional states on demand, the more you can really control the production of some hormones in the brain and may affect the ability to control these hormones. all comes back to the late work of your brain in shape file.

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