Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Allergy Testing

An allergy is a type of disease we face if the consumption of certain products or substances. These products or substances that cause allergic skin reactions and blood person. We have products or situations to avoid the cause of allergy in our body. To have a minimum knowledge of the substances tested by ourselves. These substances are called allergens. To know the substances that cause allergies allergists immunologists in our body and usually test blood or our skin with small amounts of allergens annoying. In general, adults and children of all ages can undergo an allergy test. Symptoms appear in May in the respiratory tract, skin, or in some other systems. Itchy eyes, nose or throat, stuffy nose, watery eyes and congestion in the chest is allergic respiratory diseases. Hives, eczema and itching is usually part of skin allergies. Anaphylaxis, cramps and diarrhea is a different type of allergy in our body.

To test Allergy testing three types of skin, blood and destruction. The skin tests with a small amount of substances that cause allergies out on discarded skin. Blood tests usually when the person is able to pass a test of the skin due to the presence of certain skin diseases. Blood tests conducted by the radio allegro sorbent test (RAST). In a blood test for antibodies to immunoglobulin E (IgE) is known, measured in the blood and determines the risk of allergic reactions in humans. Kidnapping trial is the kind of food, which is controlled by diet, if the person does not tend food allergies. You can choose to check the same movement, not a doctor but a doctor, a list of foods you should avoid.

Before verified by test, the doctor must cover all the medical history, because the test procedure if it is an obstacle to the preparation necessary to help. The consumption of illegal drugs and not before the test. In both tests for allergies are interested in temporary itching and discomfort, then a small needle is used for a small part of the sting. However, blood tests, he does not feel any discomfort from the preparation of blood from the vein. Although allergy tests to improve the status of the patient, their mean. During testing of the skin, the person could, the problem of facial swelling, itching and intense reactions, sometimes severe, such as the face of anaphylaxis. Heavy bleeding and inflammation of the veins there are two common diseases of the blood tests. Sometimes going steady red areas caused by an allergy skin test negative, skin test positive, but in red areas are 1 / above normal 8.

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