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16 Tips For Prevention Of Influenza

As the winter flu season coupled with the global spread of influenza A H1N1 influenza coming,The prevention of influenza is very hard.whether having "A Stream" vaccine has become a hot topic, but if you have a vaccine are you safe ?Chinese medicine suggests that we might a change in thought, instead of passively waiting for better epidemic prevention initiative ,we can set up our own health line of defense to improve disease prevention from the inside out full-force, so that no exploits for influenza.

Influenza has spread traditional Chinese medicine can help.

Since April this year, "A flow" outbreak, the WHO experts issued a warning that the second wave is likely to occur in autumn and winter epidemic. They predict "a flow" the epidemic will last 1 to 2 years, such as the prevention and control ineffective that about 1 / 3 of the population likely to be infected. Autumn and winter is the peak season of influenza, there will be "A stream" and the situation of seasonal influenza pandemic at the same time, two kinds of influenza viruses combine with each other, reorganization, mutation, would be a serious threat to our health.

Same is true of the actual situation, since the autumn, the global influenza epidemic rapidly rising trend, while in China from a single, distributed gradually turned into a gathering crowd in the cases of outbreak of epidemic. In dealing with the spread of this epidemic, Chinese medicine have more advantages. Chinese medicine is not confined to the virus itself immunization, but from diseases of the external environment into the human body, the environment, pay attention, "because, as a result, the result of people's needs," from the source of blocking the invasion of influenza.

TCM prevention of influenza 16 strokes

When the spread of influenza, and doctors must find the virus is different from traditional Chinese medicine from the autumn and winter climatic characteristics and the body's weak points, starting with eating nourishing the body to resist disease-causing evil easy, smooth flow of the meridian to protect susceptible parts of the body, while from the way of life enhanced the self-resistance, the ability to repair damage in order to ensure foolproof, the influenza virus blocked at the man beyond the flesh.

4 The most effective therapeutic side

In autumn and winter flu mostly dry and cold weather outside trigger, evil invasion from the nose and mouth, has been to reach the lungs, were caught along the organ, so a cold attack is mainly cough, sore throat, runny nose and other respiratory symptoms. The role of many foods have a moisture can help the body Runzao, equivalent to guard the invasion of the cold channel.

A ginger and honey tea → Yin

Principle: Ginger is a spicy taste of warm food, there is the role of moderate-intensity cold-dispelling sweating, often taking the body can make, "Wei Qi" is to stimulate an active state role to play better keep out the cold. Honey has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening to prevent the fall and winter season, cold dry air invasion. A combination of both, there are divergent effects spicy ginger can help reach the skin nourishing honey, but honey sweet taste can be improved moisture Shangyin spicy Ginger, the common cold to play Xin Wen Runzao preventive role.

Methods: Fresh Ginger 3, 1 tablespoon honey (recommended choice milk vetch honey, Huaihua honey, Jing nectar), water to drink brew.

2 yam cake → Spleen

Principle: We have said that there is a layer of surface air defense Wei exogenous evils invasion, then the qi to come from? Transportation and transformation from the spleen and stomach qi born, that is, only the spleen qi and blood to generate sufficient energy, qi will be plenty of strong, robust defense function, physical weakness, frequent colds are especially needed spleen. Chinese yam is a spleen tonic high-quality food, hawthorn can stomach, digestion, this combination of two types of food the full realization of the Spleen and Stomach, Yijing qi purpose.

Methods: The two yam peeled, steamed, the crushed yam paste, then add amount of white sugar, with Rolling pin roll into a square of the yam cake, place one in the above hawthorn cake, yam cake roll into a cylinder with wrap hawthorn cake, finally can be cut into small pieces.

3 honey citron tea → Runchang

Principle: Traditional Chinese Medicine view, lung and colon and complementary at each other's situation affect each other in the gut of waste can be discharged to run down the lung, intestinal fluid produced mainly supplied to the lungs up. Therefore, lubrication of the intestine, smooth function of the lung can be robust in order to prevent a cold, honey and grapefruit are Runchang's running mate.

Methods: The best choice for Huyou grapefruit, vitamin C content was high, honey, lighter flavor selection, and can highlight the citron fruit flavor. The grapefruit peel the thin skin (not white flesh), cut into filaments, grapefruit crush meat mixer, add water and rock sugar Aozhi sticky, Liang Liang, after adding honey, stir evenly to do the work. Drink Tokimori 2 ~ 3 tablespoons with warm water washed against. Supermarkets are also sold ready-made citron tea, but its done tastefully.

4 Orange radish soup → aromatic Jiangzhuo

Principle: Chinese medicine, the lung is a cavity of the organ, which kept out of the gas, if the dirty cloud of gas too much, it is easy to cold. Radish, ginger, coriander, orange peel is aromatic fails to grasp the food, you can drive out Zhuoqi reduce the risk of the occurrence of colds.

Method: 1 white radish, half orange peel and 3 ginger, two light blue, a lock of coriander soup consumption.

Massage to enhance disease resistance

Stimulation of acupuncture points, can make the body surface of the Wei Qi (immune system) is more active, play a good role in the prevention of cold cold.

A strong yang Chiropractic

Methods: Chiropractic to each other, so it is a winter where you and your lover a good opportunity of mutual interest. As follows: From the bottom of the spine upward until the shoulders along the midline parallel to Office, with both hands alternately pinch the thumb and index finger, and bring the spine on both sides of 3 cm in the middle of the skin, from the bottom up movement pinch mention repeated 3 times.

Principle: This seemingly amazing pinch mention highly Famennian containing Chinese medicine in which, a bottom-up pinch mention, after Governor Vessel (middle spine), and the bladder meridian (spine side) on the number of 10 important points, the Du channel yang stimulation can stimulate the body, allowing cold air in the body does not host the office.

2 Anrou points → physical

Methods: There are three points to prevent the common cold: the full three years, Guan Yuan, gas and sea. Before going to bed or wake up after a few minutes Anrou look, you can stimulate the body good qi, played the role of prevention of colds. As long as we Anrou, even if a cold, symptoms and course of the disease will be relatively lighter.

Principle: This is the influenza vaccine was also compared with cattle, because it provides a very comprehensive anti-flu "vaccine" - strong. In the body all "in the series of" acupuncture points, this is the nature of the three has a strong physique Yao Xue,

Zusanli Location: In the patella depression outside the lower side, the downward cross-refers to the amount of four, and then cross-refers to the relocation of an office.

Guanyuan Location: Mashimo 3 inches at the middle of the navel.

Air Sea Point Location: Mashimo 1.5 inches at the middle of the navel.

Head to toe, and guard against six major meridians are our weak points

The human body in the blood to run along the meridian, often the disease occurs because the meridian barriers and block blood lead. Meridian smooth, the body of adequate qi and blood, we have a self-repair ability of the virus enough to withstand the outside world.

A night with wooden comb Shufa

Methods: Combs comb their hair every day, 20 ~ 30 times. Comb when the comb with the appropriate intensity Crimping scalp sliding, the effect will be better.

Principle: a cold beginning, the head of the symptoms first appeared. Meridian direction of the former head back with a wooden comb combing their hair can make the head blood flow within the meridians enhanced cold hard to invade. Mahogany has a better drive because of the wind properties, so wooden comb with cherry wood as the material, the sandalwood times.

2 points before going out, rubbing Ying-xiang

Methods: The two-handed index finger pulp were welcome on the incense on the nose hole on the lip and groove along the direction of rubbing of 30 times, while Anrou bridge of the nose, 1 ~ 2 times a day.

Principle: a cold episodes in the respiratory tract, "Khieu nose" as the Commissioner is the prevention of respiratory influenza strategic points, rubbing Ying Xiang Points in most of the time and even more defensive than the mask effect. Knead Ying-Xiang points, the nose-week blood running speed, the local temperature increase due to increased blood, which can enable the ability to increase airway resistance to cold.

Ying Xiang Location: In the nose adjacent to the outer edge of the mid-point to open about 0.5 inches, nasolabial fold, the nose and around each one.

Three years in the cold wind and neck warm

Methods: slightly thicker scarf tied neck, or with thumb and index finger pulp pinch to take the neck, jaw to the clavicle range is the middle of this line, just the right time five times a day, 1 ~ 2 times.

Principle: There is a substantial part of people began to voice a cold start, since many important passages of the throat is a must to hit the most vulnerable to involvement by the wind. Neck warm, and can prevent Hanxie intrusion, but also enable the neck Anrou Chong Sheng Qi and blood in meridians, while the increased pharyngeal resistance to the cold.

4 rubbing his arm at any time

Methods: Specifically, is the rub of the thumb side of forearm and arm, two arms alternately.

Principle: the thumb side of the arm there are two major meridians in the walk, namely the inside and outside of the lungs through the large intestine through. The occurrence of a cold by the same two organs have very close relationship, repeated Study on the Rubbing can speed up the meridians within the blood to run, thereby increasing the blood in the body surface, "patrol time", and effectively lowers the likelihood of a cold.

5 a day skipping

Methods: The beginning of rope skipping, it is best to adopt a progressive method, the first day of the next-hop 30 or so, and then gradually increase each day 1 to 2.

Principle: run through our bodies back, one in turn, is the longest in the human body, "Bladder full sun", as high overhead, low enough to the small toe, because it is the jurisdiction of the long, cold winter cold is the primary attack on the region, so appear after a cold headache, low back pain symptoms. Rope skipping can be movement to this meridian line through most of the parts, prompting meridian qi and blood is running inside the acceleration of the cold-induced cold.

Xiao's note: This method is used to treat constipation, has not yet received feedback from friends of the invalid, the effect is really good, though not a sure way of Chinese medicine, but the results far better than bananas or honey water to drink a lot of what it must be true, even more than jujube That still has a lot better.

6 foot bath before going to sleep

Methods: The day before going to their feet with hot water, the water can not fresh star anise, a little to red flowers.

Principle: There are several 10 points on the feet, stimulating these points, can promote the body's meridians and blood flow, thereby stimulating cell vitality, enhance the body's disease prevention, illnesses and index. Star Anise is a hot substance, feet soaked in this hot and heat the water, the acupuncture points on the feet will absorb this energy, and then scattered in the body through the meridians cloth, slight fever when the body sweating, the We have already had a favorable wind chill cold defense.

4 small habit, easy to improve immunity

Chinese medicine methods pay attention to recuperation from everyday life, helping to enhance the body's own immune system, so that the body strength of their organizations to kill the enemy, so that our ability to prevent influenza will be greatly enhanced.

1.A daily bowl of porridge Chinese wolfberry Lily

Methods: Lily, Chinese wolfberry, along with boiled rice porridge, breakfast Serve hot drink every day.

Principle: Chinese wolfberry, Lily has a replenishing the body's Yin Ye, and robust role in lung, rice, although the ordinary, but also the role of lung health, lung health a lot of Chinese people have a rice Fang figure, with rice, Chinese wolfberry, and Ao Yu enhanced Lily Bufei lungs and the effectiveness of the heat there is divergence porridge role in making into the lungs fill with negative material in the heat under the influence of rapidly diffuse to the surface, side edges loose fill the body from the inside to the outside have enhanced resistance cold capacity.

2. wash your face with cold water

Method: wash your face with cold water every morning just beginning feel cool, need to adapt to a period of time, you can gradually as the weather cools and appropriate increase in water temperature.

Principle: In the cold stimulus, our body will produce rapid protective mechanism against the cold, autumn and winter when they go out, the first part of it is felt the cold face and mouth and nose, it is obvious we are cold cold temperature makes "spike." Always wash your face with cold water can help to adapt to the sudden cold nose and mouth, thereby enhancing immunity.

3 get enough sleep seven hours a day

METHODS: 23:00 pm to 6 am, to ensure that the period of sleep.

Principle: There is a Chinese medicine that the human body as water flow, "Wei Qi", the day most of the body surface through the line, you can ensure that the body from external pathogenic factors of aggression, while the run will also have consumed. At night by sleep, "Wei Qi" can enter the body to be sufficient to support or repair, it can be enough to ensure adequate sleep, "Wei Qi", to help us resist the cold. Therefore, those who sleep cold, after somewhat alleviated, but also sleep supplement qi driving cold proof.

4 sleep daisy pillow in fall and winter

Methods: Hangzhou Chrysanthemum 300g pack into a packet and placed inside the pillow immediately after sealing.

Principle: Because the role of cold chrysanthemum with the evacuation Chinese medicine has always been the chrysanthemum as to prevent the common cold medicine, traditional Chinese medicine were even thought of Seasonal Febrile Diseases Chrysanthemum is the preferred drug. During sleep, chrysanthemum and effective aroma components within the package around the head, those related to meridians and acupoints common cold could benefit from that, following familiar to everyone, the phrase "righteousness deposit, the evil can not do" evil wind chill, and also impossible to start with.

Usually easy to cold friend, might at this special time to eat a little, "Yu Ping Feng San", the prescription form is simple, but for physically weak people are really easy to cold effective and experienced several hundred years of clinical validation, consists of: Astragalus 300g, Atractylodes 150g, wind 150g, find pharmacies crushed into fine powder, 1 tablespoon every morning powder, into the congee prepared and, after years, or to use boiled water for drinking, eating the prescription did not occur within 15 days if the cold, it can always eat it, the effect will not be Bijia stream vaccine is poor, and is integrated to enhance immunity to other influenza is still valid. Astragalus on Prescriptions should be used Sunburn, but a lot of pharmacies in order to save trouble, do not want to go dry, with Health and astragalus can be. There are a lot of fun on this topic Fang, then, the four famous doctors Bipin strokes Act (effect), the ranking is only the second veteran who lost the application of this prescription, while second place and became a legendary anecdotes.

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  1. Winter season is also a season of flu. Taking vaccine is not the only way to resist it but boosting the immune system. Taking food supplement that consists of all essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help our body to defend viruses. Plus, eating nutritious food and taking regular workout should be part of the routine.