Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is a Dermatoscope?

Dermoscopy (also known by some as dermoscopy or epiluminescence Microscopy known) is the word, and examination of skin describes a dermatoscope.
Dermoscope or dermatoscopes are useful tools used by skin doctor to examine the skin. It is a noninvasive tool manual zoom, like a magnifying glass, fastened with a source of light. This is a straight line to the patient's skin in a position to the main morphological structures of skin wounds to analyze and under the skin that are not so easily visible to the naked eye. It offers a direct view and analyze the epidermis and papillary dermis. This view helps clear skin in diagnosing skin cancer, especially melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer, differentiating the benign moles or pigmented nevi over.

While dermatoscopes was primitive for use in cancer diagnosis of malignant melanoma of the skin, can be used for imaging and diagnosis of many diseases of the skin is used invented. Dermatoscopes changed are a standard in research hair. Dermatoscopes photos collected hair, and only for digital cameras with optical systems that can be processed with special software, the density of hair count in diameter and hair growth. Dermatoscopes can be used for a detailed discussion of many skin diseases such as xeroderma pigmentosum, folliculitis, scarring and vascularization, histiocytoma, malignant lentigo, and a variety of moles.

It is particularly useful in the diagnosis of malignant melanoma. In this case, a dermatologist may need a close-melanoma skin cancers differ from benign moles. Although the diagnosis of melanoma is the most common use for dermatoscope dermatoscopes may also be useful for diagnosing many others. Studies have been made that the use dermatoscopes capillaries in the skin or nails to evaluate and examine trends in the hair follicle and sealing. There have also been used to analyze the circumstances, including rosea pityriasis, Spitz Nevus, actinic keratosis, and even the effects of drugs such as steroid atrophy evaluation.

While most dermatologists, the words dermoscope and dermoscopy use in explanation of the study of the skin with a magnifying tool, the correct word is dermoscopic , dermatoscope and dermoscopy. Just to stress that - the study of skin is called dermatology and not Dermology! The formulation begins with Dermat or dermatology and ties the stem cells derived from the Greek word derma means skin, or dermatitis, skin. Therefore, dermoscopy examination of the skin with a magnifying device - dermatoscope.

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