Thursday, November 5, 2009

Use Your Feelings To Build Self Confidence

Did you know that there is a strong relationship between your emotions and levels of confidence. How do you get your senses that everything happening around you, you are automatically and instantly create, feelings and emotions that connects you with the circumstances. If you have something that tastes absolutely divine food, immediately feel the joy and happiness and want to continue to enjoy the food.

When your nose is smelling very badly to express disgust and immediately get away from the smell as soon as possible.
Whenever you experience, your feelings immediately put into the game and then decide how to react to what happens. Come quickly different species and groups of feelings, it is important to recognize, to know how to handle and manage them in a positive direction.

The first group believe that it is commonly known in NLP and painful feelings.

Imagine for a moment you're relaxing with a hot shower. It was there for a while and really started to relax.
Suddenly, the hot water runs out and stop you from cold water. The cry of shock and immediately tried to leave the water. This is the painful feeling (though not really cause you serious injury - more than anything else) a shock, and try again, rather than the cause.

The first kind of painful emotions is fear. Fear can be a very debilitating emotions, and are also nonspecific. I mean the feeling that you be very worried about something, but do not know what the cause of your stress symptoms. You feel fear, anxiety, restlessness and anxiety, but I do not know why.

Symptoms of anxiety attacks can be severe and can have a negative impact on your confidence level. It can be very frustrating, under constant threat of attacks of panic can make decisions and lead to measures that will be your life. Therefore, it is important to learn to control these negative emotions and transform them into positive emotions, which we turn.

Imagine that you are someone who loves you, to mark, but should not be seen for some time. Once you get to know, feel obliged to rush to embrace real hard. Thus, we think, very happy and gay. These feelings make us feel happy and want to move.

As people, we were not programmed by nature, always looking for pleasant sensations and feelings. For this reason, almost every commercial you see on TV is to show that we are a link between the product has been released, and a pleasant experience, such as fulfillment, profit, happiness, joy, laughter, success, independence, who loved , inner peace and love.

I know it seems like I'm stating the obvious, but the pleasant feelings make us feel good inside and out, although we believe that this, of course, it helps us build confidence and self esteem levels. You feel in control of your life and your environment, and there is no better way to run the trust, improve feel good about themselves.

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