Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 Ways To Cure Your Headache

Honest speaking, I tend to get headaches. Might be because I'm on the computer a lot or perhaps it happens sometimes when my diet is off. For many, when that headache hits, it's time to reach for the Excedrin or other pain stopper. The problem is that it's not a good habit to get into, especially if you can cure your headache fast and naturally.

1. Relax your breathing. Due to the anticipated pain, a migraine attack makes you anxious and might bring about a panic attack as well which will only worsen your condition. This feeling of anxiety and panic will increase your heart rate and make you feel as if you are choking and your breathing is labored.

If you are feeling an attack is about to come when you are outside your home or office, do not panic and go to a cool place preferably where there is very little light or just take a seat in a shaded area and cover your eyes (putting on sunglasses will do). You need to relax your breathing so as not to aggravate your situation. Initially, take a long deep breath slowly and exhale slowly. Do this for 4 to 5 times more but you need to concentrate on your lungs filling up with air when you inhale and again as air is leaving your lungs when you exhale. By the time you reach the 4th turn you feel that your breathing has relaxed and even your heart rate has calmed and slowed down. You might also feel sleepy but if you are not yet at home you can take this time to move slowly and grab a cab and get home as fast as you can or you can let the migraine pass by staying where you are.

2. Get into a dark room. If your migraine is starting, get into a dark and quiet place. If the migraine is in progress or has already started, take your medications before looking for a place to relax. When you have found a place to lie down and relax, cover your eyes with a blindfold, towel, handkerchief or scarf but leave your eyes open. Shutting your eyes will only increase the pain instead of getting a relief.

3. Lavender oil. Pure lavender oil is known for its medicinal properties and its soothing and calming scent is helpful when you are suffering from migraine. When you feel an attack is coming place a drop of lavender oil on your temples, behind the ears and several drops on the pillow you will be using. The scent of lavender when inhaled will help ease your migraine pain almost immediately

4. If it's possible, just to take a warm bath or shower. If doing a bath, try to have some soothing music playing (no words). You could then take a little nap-this could also make it worse depending on what kind of headache you have.

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