Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Health is far more important than wealth and wisdom. Good health enables us to enjoy our life and achieve what we hope for in our career. On the contrary, poor health tends to deprive us of our interest in everything around us. How to stay healthy concerns everyone, though we have advanced medicine. When we discuss this, some fundamental principles should be brought in mind.

  Firstly, it is very important for us to take more fruits and vegetables because they provide vitamins and they help in the process of digestion. Secondly, we have to keep a balanced diet and maintain regular eating habits. Proper nutrition is important for good health. Avoid food with lots of sugar and fat. Eat plenty of foods high in protein. Thirdly, wed better do morning exercise every day, do sports frequently to make our bodies strong. Besides, we have to avoid too much work pressure. Getting too tired all the time may definitely weaken our defense system, making us get sick easily. Finally, we have to get rid of those bad habits that damage our health, such as drinking and smoking.

  In conclusion, if we stick to things according to the aspects mentioned above, well lead a healthy life and become as fit as a fiddle.

  In modern society, the topic of health becomes more and more important. Not only dose it affect our body, but also it influents our work in our daily life. Certainly, there are also many ways to keep it.

  For example, when you eat a lot but you didn't do much exercise, you will gain weight, so we should give much attention on our diet, Such as eating vegetables and fruits, of course, doing enough regular exercise is necessary in our spare time. As for me, I always keep running, it is easy andpossible, and after running, you had better have a rest then I suggest you drink a lot of water, please remember wateris the best drink!

  Apart from this, internet use appears to cause a decline in psychological well-being as well as watching TV; we can not ignore these factors. When we spent much time on the internet and watching TV, bodiless "virtual" communication may be less psychologically satisfying than actual conversation, because it reduces time between us and our families, friends. Then it maybe causes some psychological diseases. So I advise everyone here spend less time on them.

  Sure, we must also get rid of many bad habits, such as smoking, stay up late, and drinking wine and so on, they are bad for our health.

  Above all, health contains many kinds of parts, keep health is important, because the body is ourselves, we must cherish it, or it will make us failed in our work!

  You've been working out regularly for quite a while, but you're nowhere near1 your fitness goals. So now it's time to bring in your ultimate weapon your mind.

  Rather than thinking of fitness as something mysterious that you do with your body, take an analytical2, goal oriented approach to making physical improvements that stick3. Try these tips for creating a smart fitness plan:

  Define your goals. Whether it's to lose fat and gain muscle or to run a triathlon4, it's vital to have a goal to work toward.Knowing where you're going makes it easier to take the right steps.

  Get realistic. Training gains are met through consistent effort over a period of time. Don't expect dramatic, overnight results regardless of what exercise equipment informercials5 claim. Reward yourself for all the little positive steps you take and for consistently striving forward.

  Be yourself. Work toward a goal that you can achieve with your body. Don't try to change your basic shape or to go against your own unique physical capabilities. Take an objective look at yourself, then work toward enhancing what you've got rather than trying to attain someone else's body.

  Do your research. If you are not making progress, ask a qualified personal trainer to analyze your routine and your goals. Read health and fitness magazines. There's tons of great fitness information out there tailor6 it to fit you.

  Identify your weaknesses, then use your brain to outsmart7 them. Many people avoid their weak points or bad habits, hoping that they can ignore them into oblivion1. Instead, take them up as clues to how you can improve. Keep a food and fitness journal for a month. Then analyze it for negativepatterns. If you always overeat late at night, try going toa latenight movie to get your mind off food. If you tend tofade out2 on your workouts on weekends, plan some fun exercise with friends to spice3 up your lagging4 routine.

  Create a fitness network. Integrate the important people in your life into your fitness quest. Get your whole group involved in healthy activities and eating that way they won't be tempting you to fall off the fitness wagon5. Instead,you'll all be leading one another toward healthier bodies and minds.

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