Friday, September 11, 2009

What diseases can you get from smoking

It has been proven that smoking causes lung cancer and cancers of oral cavity, larynx, esophagus and bladder. More than 95% of lung cancers are detected in smokers or those exposed to environmental tobacco smoke. 90% of smokers with lung cancer die within 3 years of diagnosis. The risk increases steadily with the number of cigarettes smoked per day.
Recently a survey have mentioned a shocking result, which tells that every year around all over the world 3 million people die just because of smoking. Alternatively, might have serious dangerous disease. The very common disease among smokers is cancer, which have even killed a major part of population in United States. And the major cause of cancer death, that is, a “few minutes of smoking” is becoming more dangerous day by day. Almost in every city and state, average 3000 people are tremendously affected by smoking.
This is not only cancer, which have been caused by extreme smoking but also dangerous disease like bronchitis, emphysema and heart attacks are the wide spread disease which causing adverse effect on major part of every state’s population.
However, all the adverse effects of smoking, are not only commonly known by the non-smokers, but also the smokers themselves know, that having two Cigarettes of a day bringing them towards death more promptly. But if asked, why they are calling a reason for their prompt death or say why they smoke, the answers are extremely senseless.
According to a survey conducted by WHO( world health organisation) in which a frequent question was asked to the smokers, that why do they smoke, the answers were surprising, as many of them told, that they do smoking to become slim, some of them answered that smoking takes them away from anxiety and stress. However, the truth is, the nicotine present in the cigarettes creates a useless body structure from inside due to which smokers skin become more porn to aging. Even those having badly teethed and stained fingers, shows, that they are habitual of having cigarette a day.
The adverse of nicotine, which is widely used as pesticides, not only creates serious heart problems but also it stops the functioning of your mind and worstly affects the memory of smokers when they consume it through a cigarette.
Smoking is the term that is worsening human being’s life and health experts always recommended to quit it as soon as possible. And to quit smoking the promotion of Zyban drug have done internationally by professional doctors. But it is always suggested to firstly contact an expert doctor before starting the dose of Zyban drug.