Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snoring Treatment

Snoring is a symptom that is caused by abnormalities in the soft tissues of the throat or wrong sleeping posture in which a narrow airway obstructs smooth breathing thus causing sound vibrations during sleep. Snoring can disturb a good night's sleep of a person or a partner.
It is a common sleeping phenomenon in most people and there are many who think that snoring does not have a cure. Snoring is not a problem to be afraid of, it does have its treatments and hence a person can cure himself of this habit if he wants to. One needs to identify the cause and then apply the remedy for a snoring free sleep.
There are some self help tips like sleeping on one's side, elevating the head of the bed, limitations of alcohol and medications, clearing nasal passages and losing weight.If a person sleeps on his side the problem of snoring may disappear altogether.
While some people turn to medications to treat their difficulty sleeping, there are many natural remedies that provide relief without harmful side effects. Making lifestyle changes and avoiding substances that contribute to insomnia often works well.
Relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy can be beneficial. Melatonin and some herbs like chamomile and valerian are other drug free remedies.
How to cure insomnia is something that can be done in many different ways, and you have to find out what works for you.
The first tip would be to lose weight if you are overweight. Fat tissues accumulate in all parts of the body - including the throat. So when you sleep the air passage is narrower by the small amount of fat and vibrations easily appear. Just losing a few pounds is enough to see the difference.
Don't sleep on your back. This is the posture that brings snoring sounds during the night. To get in the right position you can make use of anti snore pillows, or you can even put a lemon on your back! This way when you lay on your back in the middle of your sleep, the discomfort caused by the lemon will make you shift back to your original position.