Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ways To Build Muscle

1. Nutritional planning
This is possibly the most important aspect that is neglected by many; they just eat whatever comes, without realizing that they could be doing so much more to aid their search for lean muscle gain. While the normal (healthy) diet is perfectly acceptable and will no real harm to your quest, it also will not aid your quest incredibly either. The most important ingredient that is left out is Protein; this is the building block of every muscle. So naturally you must have more if you want to create more lean muscle mass and then sustain it properly.
Also before and after your workout it is most important to get a good source of Protein and Carbohydrates, both which are used up during your workout. You must stock up before and then replace your energy straight after your workout; this is the point where your body most needs re-fueling. Usually this is done by drinking home blended shakes, (usually whey protein + a good source of carbohydrates) make up the core components.
2. Sleep
This probably is a given to most people, but sleep is the main chance you get to let your muscles relax and recuperate, helping you during your next muscle building workout routine. You also may not know that most muscle growth happens after training, while you are just chilling out. So it is important to get as much sleep as possible, to maximize your previous efforts.
3. Rest periods between training
While in the middle of a training program, remember that it is important to schedule enough rest time in between workouts, otherwise you will burn your muscles out before you have started. Because to gain muscle you will need to push your muscles hard over a fairly long period of time, burning them out in a matter of days/weeks will serve no purpose in your desire to gain muscle, just wipe you out and waste your own time.
4. there are four foods that can help you achieve these goals. Let's go through each one in order and see what each one brings to the table.
The first food that is fairly useful is any food that has a significant amount of protein in it. Candidates for this nutrient would be lean meats such as chicken or fish, also turkey as a potential. Milk is a good source of protein for muscle building activities.
The next source of food type is carbohydrates, there are a few foods in this category that can be useful. One of these is brown rice, because it is natural , provides bran and fiber, and is a stable carbohydrate.
The third food that would be beneficial is if you had a small amount of fat in the diet. Be sure that you use natural oil sources, such as olive oil and nut oils such as almond oil. Nuts as a source of oil for your diet would also be appropriate.
Fruits and Vegetables
The fourth food type which overlaps the carbohydrate is fruits and vegetables. In that area, apples are a good all around fruit for providing a balance of carbohydrate and fiber. Also on the vegetable side, vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, cruciferous vegetables.