Sunday, September 6, 2009

womens heart disease

Although breast cancer is generally perceived as posing the greatest threat to women's health, the risk of womens heart disease is much higher over the course of a woman's lifetime, according to Dr. Dora Ann Mills, director of Maine's Bureau of Health. "People just don't think of women as suffering from heart disease.”

That's in part because most medical researchers have studied the disease in men, and heart disease - also called cardiovascular disease because it can affect all areas of the circulatory system - develops very differently in women,.

Men and women also respond differently to the pharmaceuticals doctors often prescribe to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.
Symptoms of cardiovascular disease result from the buildup of fatty deposits on the lining of the blood vessels. These deposits can slow or completely obstruct the flow of blood and oxygen to critical body organs. A lack of blood supply to the heart causes a heart attack, and a blockage in the blood vessels supplying the brain causes a stroke.
Men tend to have a sudden onset of symptoms, including crushing chest pain, paleness and sweating.

But women will notice less intense symptoms, including fatigue, dizziness and generally feeling "under the weather." Women and their families often dismiss these symptoms and don't seek treatment. If they do seek medical attention, too many physicians are slow to order the cardiovascular testing that may save women's lives,

The incidence of heart disease in Maine women is the third highest in New England, with greater concentrations in the state's poorer and more rural counties, The good news is that Maine women have a higher than average rate of preventable risk factors, so there are clear steps women can take to reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease.

Smoking, inactivity, poor nutrition, stress and obesity are controllable risk factors. Family history and genetic makeup are also important factors,.

So we should pay more attention to womens heart disease and if you feel some uncomfortable in heart you should go for a doctor immediately.

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