Monday, September 21, 2009

How to Keep Healthy

How to Keep Healthy
Nowadays more and more people are concerned about their health. But how to keep
healthy? Different people may give different answers to this question. In my opinion, it is essential to do the following.
First, it is absolutely necessary to take some exercise every day. Research shows that getting plenty of exercise make the heart beat faster and the lungs work harder. This strengthens the heart, reduces the chance of heart attack, and helps lower blood pressure. That's why more and more people are becoming active in various kinds of sports and exercises. Every morning many people get up early and take much exercise. Some practice shadowboxing and swordplay while others run, jog, walk or dance to music. In the afternoon,there are also many people keen on sports. Some play basketball or volleyball or table tennis, others go in for gymnastics or track events. Through sports and exercise, people become healthier and stronger.
Medical researchers have proved that what people eat affects their health. They advise people to eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat such as beef and pork because meat contains more fat than poultry and fish. Fat can build up in the arteries, block the flow of blood, and cause a heart attack or stroke.
Getting rid of bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol is also an important way to keep healthy. Smoking and drinking alcohol injure one's health a great deal, and therefore should be given up. Unfortunately few people follow this advice.
If people follow these three ways of keeping fit, they greatly improve their health.