Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back pain relief- Strengthen your back muscles

There is much research supporting the theory that proper exercise is the best solution to eliminating back pain. Exercise weak muscles can be strengthen and retrained. Strong, balanced muscles support the spinal column and helping to correct any dysfunction.
Exercise has been greatly recommended as the best treatment option since it promotes natural healing by strengthening the muscles. Doctors, athlete trainers, and physical therapists have proven this to be true but not necessarily guarantee that it will work positively for you as it has for them.

Nevertheless, the following exercises for lower back pain may provide you with the right back pain treatment. In order to ensure correct execution you should probably get proper consultation from an exercise expert:

1. Arm circles
Do some arm circling motions to loosen up your shoulders. Doing this at the beginning of the exercise regimen and at the end will serve as your warm up and cooling down exercises.

2. Strength Building Exercises
This refers to low-impact aerobic exercises which should be limited to every third day, to realize the healing benefits. Exercises for lower back pain can build back muscle strength and promote a good posture where stomach muscles are kept pulled in. Walking and exercises done in swimming pools are the most recommended form for this type of activity.

3. Squats or deep knee bends
To do this, you have to stand with your back propped up against the wall, and slowly bend your knees until you reach a position that has the semblance of sitting on an imaginary chair. Hold it for a moment then slowly pull yourself up to a starting position. Do this repeatedly for about thirty minutes. If you can maintain a good balance, another way to do these exercises for lower back pain, is by assuming the sitting position even without the aid of a wall.

4. Arm and leg lifts
Lie flat on the floor and keep your back straight without arching your lower back too much but keeping it only a little off the ground. Elevate each limb off the floor one at a time and keep it raised up to a count of 5 or 10.
Do whichever you can manage before alternating it with the other limb. Execute everything slowly and as soon as you get the hang of it, modify the lifting exercise by lying prone or face down with your stomach on the ground. Another modification is by doing the lifting position while seated.

5. Crunches
Do some crunches but not necessarily rushing into full sit-ups. However, if you can already manage to do the straight crunches, allow the tip of one elbow to reach the opposite knee as you come up to a sitting position.
However, before embarking on these exercises for lower back pain as your treatment option, make sure you consulted this out with your doctor and with an exercise expert.
These exercises are only a suggestion. You should first find a capable instructor. Start with slow gentle movements and avoid any exercise that causes the slightest discomfit.

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