Friday, September 25, 2009

5 tips for losing weight

Have you still worried about your weight?here are 5 tips for losing weight.
1. It is important to avoid self-sabotaging thoughts. It is a fact that self-sabotaging thoughts will do more harm than taking fake diet pills. How can you reach your weight loss goals if the thoughts in your head are constantly telling you that it is impossible to do that things you need to do to lose weight.
Telling yourself that you cannot do sit-ups and push-ups is probably an overstatement. This is true especially if you have never tried these workouts!
Instead of thinking you can't do push-ups, set your goal small. For a beginner thinking you can do thirty push-ups can be overwhelming.
For example, start with 10 push-ups. If you complete these, congratulate yourself on your success. After your success, simply add one or two extra push-ups every day to your routine until you reach the magic number you set (in this case 30). The point is that if you start small, reaching your goals can be relatively easy!
Do not allow yourself to think too much. Simply take action and DO it! It is better to spend time on some exercise than to sit around spending your time ridiculing and criticizing yourself.
Doing exercise will help yo to burn fat and lose weight, while sitting around criticizing yourself will simply decrease your self-esteem.
2. Getting support is the second way to have success. Great support is essential to keeping you focused, determined, and motivated. If you lack support, you will not be able to be successful in your weight loss attempts.
It is important that the support team you use are friends and family who understand your goals and support them. Along with friends and family, a weight loss program which offers support to its members through support groups or forums is vital.
Through forums, you are able to get support and tips from others trying to lose weight and from experts.
Limit the time you spend for the negative people in your life who can only find your faults. Instead, surround yourself with you supportive friends and family.
3. Work It Out,Make the most of your time at the gym: Any kind of cardio activity, ideally one that incorporates the upper and lower body at the same time, is great. For example, there's a machine called the VersaClimber, which is a vertical climbing machine -- it's like a StairMaster with a feature that incorporates the upper body too.
4. Know Yourself,The best time of day to work out is whenever you feel best and when you're most likely to be consistent. If you're a morning person, hit the gym before work. But if you've ever considered hanging a sign at your desk that says "Don't talk to me 'til I've finished my coffee," an evening workout may be better for you.
5. Stay Hydrated,Drink only water while working out. If you must drink a sports drink, dilute it with one part drink to three parts water. If you drink sports drinks on their own, they're so concentrated that any vitamins or electrolytes you think you're benefitting from are actually going straight through you.
Losing weight will be made a lot easier if you follow these tips.

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