Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to quit smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, might be a minor statement for some, but for those who have realized the ill effects of smoking it is a step towards quitting smoking. Tips quitting smoking are many and all of them have almost the same kind of effect, the thing that matters the most is the willingness of an individual to get rid of this life threatening habit. One of the most effectual quit smoking tips is to deal with ones mind in such a manner that the confidence level of the body never goes down when in the process of quitting smoking. To stop smoking is an extremely big exercise that requires a lot of dedication and patience.
One method to stop smokig addiction that has been around for awhile is hypnosis. This technique has had mixed results, with many smokers swearing by it, and others claiming that it did nothing for them. Hypnosis techniques usually involve a "re-programming" of the brain to convince the smoker that he/she is no longer dependent on cigarettes, and does not need or desire to smoke any longer. Positive affirmations are usually included also -- for example, "I will not smoke today; I do not need a cigarette to get through my day." There are a couple drawbacks to this method, however. Hypnosis sessions or seminars are usually rather expensive, and this keeps many smokers from trying this method. Also, as mentioned before, this method has not been effective at all for some smokers, and they keep on smoking without any change.

Another way to stop smoke addiction is the use of substitute items for cigarettes. For example, instead of smoking a cigarette, a person may suck on a drinking straw, or even a lollipop. For some smokers, it is often the case that the feeling of having something in their mouth is all they crave, as opposed to the nicotine and other chemicals. Replace the cigarette with something else and the habit disappears for some people. The recent innovation of the electric cigarette has had great success for many people. However, the fact that it still looks like a cigarette has turned many people off, and it may draw some strange looks if you're out in public with it.
3.Exercise. Having a regular exercise will be an effective way to get boredom out of your life and it also helps in making good use of your time than sitting by the patio with a cigarette on hand. Aside from keeping you away from idle time, it also helps you keep in shape and stay healthy.
4. Avoid parties and places that you would likely light a cigarette. This is important especially if you are just starting to carry out your plan to finally quit the habit. It may take a little sacrifice but it will bring you good rewards in the end.
5.Seek help from nature. As there are many herbs that help our body heal from common ailments and diseases, there are also herbs that can help you overcome the addiction of nicotine. Among these herbs that are said to be effective in lowering down your nicotine addiction are Lobelia, Mimosa Tea, Korean Ginseng and Avena Sativa. You can even find them in some health stores. However, you have to seek expert advice as well because some herbs may also cause harm if used excessively.
6.Get relief with acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient practice that has been known to heal a lot of health problems and it has also been found to be effective in putting an end to smoking. What is good about this practice is that, aside from helping you in your quest to stop smoking naturally, it also helps you relax, relieve you from stress, and bring back the energy you need for your tired body. Acupuncture helps you quit smoking by reducing your cravings to smoke.