Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What causes an abrasion

What causes an abrasion,Injury to the cornea or the imbedding in the cornea of a peculiar body, such as a small case of steel, flatten or beaker. A bacterial infection may admire the injury. Use of associate lenses, especially extended-wear lenses. Complications of the virus, herpes simplex, that produces cold sores on the mime and can fake the eye. Infections of the eyelids and conjunctiva. Defective closure of the lid. Smoking or other environmental eye irritants.

Symptoms of a corneal abrasion can include:
• A feeling that you have something in your eye
• A teary, red eye
• Blurred vision in one eye, headache, or unusual sensitivity to light

Corneal abrasions and peculiar bodies mostly basis beat, tearing, and a idea that there is anything in the eye. They may also basis blush (due to heave from blood vessels on the face of the eye) or, occasionally, blister of the eye and eyelid. prophecy may become fuzzy. Light may be a informer of irritation or may basis the muscle that constricts the pupil to undergo a burning paroxysm.

Injuries that discern the eye may basis alike symptoms. If a peculiar fight penetrates the within of the eye, fluid may cascade out.

Tea hierarchy Oil is very actual for cleaning abrasions and cathartic. Just take a bowl and add 4 drops of tea hierarchy oil and 1 cup of cordial water and rinse the abrasion using this mixture 3 epoch a day. Marigolds are fantastic to have rising as they are great for abrasions. All you have to do is take some plants of the marigold and crush them then drop to the abrasion. drop Aloe Vera gel on the unnatural part, as it acts as a relaxing hometown remedy for Skin Abrasion.

Treatment of abrasion should be done very carefully. First of all clean the abrasion area with an antiseptic or you can even wash the area with a mild soap. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for washing the area. Then cover the area with cotton with antiseptic cream applied to it. Clean the area with vinegar if you want to leave the wound open. Vinegar helps to stop the growth of further micro-organisms.
You can have a tetanus infection with an abrasion. So when you get it then go to doctor and get a tetanus shot.
You can apply pure gel of aloe vera to the wound. It helps in healing any type of wound especially abrasion. Few drops of lavender oil are also helpful in treating abrasion.
Juice of garlic is also useful in treating abrasion and it also acts as cleaning agent and prevents further infection. It also reduces the inflammation caused. Honey is also effective in treating abrasion. You can apply some honey on it.
Crush marigold leaves and apply them on the abrasion. This is a very good home remedy for abrasion. Some onion juice can also be applied to small abrasions as it is also very useful.