Friday, September 11, 2009

What foods should i eat if i have a fatty liver

Fatty liver is used to denote a morbid condition of the liver increased in size by the excessive accumulation of fat, sufficient to interfere with the healthy action of that organ. Observation has shown that the quantity of fat contained in the livers of dogs is influenced by the diet, and a large quantity may be accounted for by that which is taken in with the food. Fat is however found in the body independently of that which is introduced by the stomach as experimental observation has proved. Oily matters must essentially enter to some extent into the composition of the food, in order to maintain the animal in a good condition.

All flesh and vegetable substances contain more or less fats which are not transported into the body to be deposited there unchanged. On the contrary they are altered and used up in the processes of digestion and nutrition; while the fats which appear in the body are in great part of new formation, produced from materials derived from a variety of sources.
Fatty liver rarely if ever occurs as an independent affection and its importance as relates to disease has never been determined. The presence of fats in an abnormal quantity, in the secreting cells of the liver, might by their presence seriously interfere with circulation, and might in extreme cases be sufficient to obstruct the bile and occasion slight jaundice.
The cause of the disease under consideration is no doubt largely influenced by fatty food, conjoined with insufficient exercise; the method of the accumulation of oily matters in the liver being much the same as in the production of the "foie gras" of geese.
Insufficient material for the study of the disease when it occurs independently of other affections leaves but an imperfect knowledge of the symptoms.
There are certain foods that you should avoid during fatty liver as having these foods could worsen your condition.

You should avoid food having:
concentrated sugar - This includes jam,sweets,soft drinks,ice creams and other similar foods.
High cholestrol - This includes meat, nuts,diary foods, eggs,cheese,etc.

Saturated fats and Trans Fats - These include fatty beef, pork, eggs, fried foods, pastries, french fries ,pizza,etc. Basically, what we should do is to spit out anything that tastes good
The most effective diet for fatty liver should be:

High in fiber
Low in calories
Low in saturated fat
Total fat of no more than 30 percent of total calories.