Sunday, October 4, 2009

Acne treatment

If there is anybody out there who has not had acne then you are one lucky person. For most of us spots erupt on our face at the most inappropriate time. For a few unfortunate few then acne can be really severe leaving scars and confidence in tatters.

It will come as no surprise to hear that acne is a very common skin disorder and usually makes an appearance during puberty. Small oil glands called the sebaceous glands which surround the fine hairs on your face and chest become inflammed. Acne peaks between the ages of 17-19 for most people and will then disappear around mid 20’s. For some people acne may continue until their 40’s. Other contributing factors to acne are changes to our hormones for example pregnancy. Something which we maybe less aware of is that environmental issues such as pollution, intense heat, humidity or cold can also cause acne.

The first signs of acne are small, tender, red spots that after a few days turn into a pimple which contain degraded fatty acids. The swelling of the spot will go down after a couple of days and our skin will be back to normal. For those of us who suffer with severe acne then scars can remain. Finding an effective and early treatment for acne is vital. As bad acne can cause stress and loss of confidence.

What makes acne worse?

1.Squeezing or picking the spots (I know it may well be satisfying when you pop a good spot, but it will make your acne worse).
2.Stress and tension.
3.Menstrual periods.
4.Some medicines and chemicals can also make your acne worse.
5.Although no scientific research has shown that certain foods can cause acne,if you notice that spots increase after you eat certain things, then it makes sense to avoid them.

Things you can do and take to help tackle your acne

1.Wash your face twice a day using a mild cleanser. If your skin becomes sweaty then wash your face taking care not to scrub your face as this will really annoy your acne.
2.Use an Acne skin care management system which are now available to buy online without prescription, an example of this type of product is Acnezine.
3.If you are suffering from acne then try to keep your hair off your face and don’t let your hari get greasy.
4.I know it is something a lot of us get a feeling of great satisfaction from but as I have said before it will make them worse and could cause scarring, so if you are looking to tackle your acne then it is something you need to refrain from.
5. Although being out in the sun will improve your acne for a while, it will not cure it. Overdoing it in the sun could also lead to burning your skin and worse case skin cancer. So be careful you only get one skin.
6. Using a water based moisturiser rather than greasy or oily creams will help.
7. Having a sensible varied diet and drinking lots of water with regular exercise.

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