Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Key to Obesity

If you want to know New Key to Obesity then please read this article

The discovery of obesity gene in humans half a decade ago demonstrated that chronic weight gain is the result of a mismatch between nature and culture. Simplistic explanations, such as obesity is responsible for the decline in fat consumption, ignore scientific reality. In countries like India and China, obesity was virtually unknown until the introduction of high-fat, Western-style diet.

A well-known reason is that changing dietary fat, body fat effciently no more than protein or carbohydrates, but recently scientists have discovered what appears to be an important factor. Some researchers in universities to consider that high levels of fat and fructose clearance of our brain chemistry, signals for anything that would normally tell us to put the fork. These signals are peptides regulated by a number of hormones produced. Under normal conditions these hormones to maintain a stable weight by adjusting the amount of peptides, eating control. But a diet with fat and fructose is an obstacle to the regulation of these hormones responsible. Complicates further is that the brain loses its ability to increase its response to these hormones as body fat - so the obese will be punished twice.

Other researchers have found evidence that continued exposure to fat and sugar can cause some people like Crave and addictive substances. A psychologist at Princeton University have recently shown that rats fed a diet rich in sugars, the sugar is dumped, apparently in a state of fear, similar to withdrawal from morphine or nicotine. Sarah Leibowitz, a neurobiologist, believes that frequent contact with fatty foods can configure the brain to beg more fat. It has been shown in animal studies to reduce brain galanin peptide that mimics the feeding behavior and energy consumption increases when the animal eats a diet rich in fats.

There are many factors that the explosion of obesity in the United States and the world, but radical changes in the composition of our diets get their first. Although the scientific work in this field in its infancy, is already clear that the variation affects the amount of fat and other nutrients in food chemistry of the brain through the activation of certain genes, which guide our eating habits. By submitting our heavily processed on a steady dose of sweet, fatty foods, we entered is a dangerous unintended experiment, the long-term effects just on the surface.

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