Thursday, October 8, 2009

Treatment For Panic Attack

A panic attack is a situation that causes great anxiety and paralysis often full response to certain events or situations.
The causes of panic attacks can be enormous and varied, with everything from childhood traumas, phobias are the reason for a panic attack.

Symptoms of a panic attack is often the heart rate, sweating, shortness of breath, tremor, nausea, increased anxiety and dying or losing control. The duration of the attack can be anything from half a minute for one hour. A panic disorder - the condition of the panic attacks continued for a long time - can take from one week to several years.

The treatment for a panic attack or panic disorder, such as psychological counseling, and extended at the request of the case, even drugs. Antidepressants are usually also cause panic disorder are often prescribed together by crisis depression. Treatment will be determined by the extent and severity of disease and provide, in many cases this can be seen in the same house.

The biggest problem for a panic attack and panic disorder suffer from the disease is often detected by consecutive year.
This, combined with social pressures that the patient is only causes things to go away and pretend as if everything is okay.
Although this may from mental illness, is particularly worrisome in the case of panic disorder, it is really difficult if not impossible for human life if it is not.

The best solution is to identify and assess your condition, size and severity. It really gets debilitating, or only a slight panic attack, which happens very rarely. Duration of therapy your panic attacks is calculated accordingly. You can consult a professional or you can do with an elite home must meet the means and meditation - all depends on the situation and your needs.

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  1. If you have a great anxiety, their is a big possibility that you will acquire panic attack. The effectiveness of panic treatment varies from person to person.