Monday, October 5, 2009

Take care of your brain

No matter what, our time, we all want a healthy body and mind healthy as we age.
There is not much fun in a long life if the end time is spent in pain if we lose our ability to think and remember. As much as we fear pain, physical pain and illness in old age, stress, many of us even more the prospect of losing our mental faculties.

We know that some people are able, in the eighth and ninth decade, still live physically and mentally sharp snappy.

What are our chances of staying mentally alert and physically active in old age? Everything is a matter of random chance; Losing our mental faculties, as we inevitably age?
The good news is that statistically, the odds are with you. Most people are able to maintain their cognitive abilities as they age if they develop Alzheimer's disease or diabetes.
The brain remains healthy, older people can think and retain the ability to remember, but may take longer than before the procedure. Older people are actually able to outperform much younger people in certain kinds of mental abilities.

Many physical changes in our brains, the way we live and grow. Some of these changes begin before birth, and some of the more clear as we enter the fifth or sixth decade of life.

If you have already heard that the brain decreases as we age, not just a myth. The precision. Brain cells die continuously throughout life, not replace, and the brain loses mass as we age.

It appears that brain cells actually shrink, and our minds path has unused resources are still in favor of the creation of highways in the brain thought occupies the most space.

The brains of men seems to shrink somewhat faster than the female brain.

The good news for us is that while we have lost many brain cells and connections of each year, ie, not destroying necessarily thinking skills in general, if the damage in certain areas of the brain, such as hippocampal region of interest.

Scientists have discovered that our ability to think and remember that despite the death of the brain, the brain is able to create new connections.

One way to continue to make new connections will keep brainCkeep you to learn new skills and develop new interests during your life. If you love your mind, do yourself a favor and keep it!

Always remember that your brain is flesh and blood, so many strategies that help your body healthy will also benefit your brain.

Make it a priority to eat well, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Your brain and the rest of the body for delivery. Moreover, this strategy will improve the availability and your prospects.

Learn more about fats, which are good fats and bad, and then increase the consumption of good fats and reduced consumption of bad fats.

Most North Americans consume too much of fatsCthose bad as saturated or hydrogenated, and do not eat enough good fats their body needs, in particular, found omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and flaxseed.

Add plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet, especially those with bright colors, like tomatoes, spinach and berries. These foods are rich in antioxidants, which radicals to protect cells in your brain to be free.

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