Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to deal with allergies

Allergy is defined basically as a disorder of the immune system of the human body. This means that if your body is weakened enough, it can easily be exposed to certain allergens may help your allergic reaction. Most people are allergic to this article will try to advise you on how to treat allergies at home or in public statements.

Before you know how to go about dealing with allergies, you know, some basic principles first. First, pay your entire genome as a test, your body may be increased by a specific allergen. This means that you may have inherited genes from his parents that would cause an allergic reaction to certain things. Or you can maintain contact with certain allergens, which are generally very harmful for most people and your immune system may be too weak to resist them.

Dust and vacuum often. The most important method to prevent allergies is sprinkled in your home or have frequent burning. Dust particles and other help for asthma and strengthens your immune system to deteriorate over time. Doing what cleaning should wear a mask at all times to cover mouth and nose. Make sure the vacuum is versatile and hard to reach places can be and is also equipped with a good filter dust.

Avoid pet hair. Pet hair happened to be a common cause of allergies. Have pets bath, or clean frequently to prevent further allergic reactions. Make sure your pets the proper care.

Stay away from mold spores and pollen. Dealing with allergies to house state means that we must ensure that mold does not grow at home. Clean kitchen, swimming and other wet areas. Also to minimize the factory to your home, it can mold and pollen. Pollen and mold spores can significantly contribute to allergies.

Even washing. It is always best to keep hands clean at all times in case. Alcohol is a good choice, but soap and water is strongly recommended. Furthermore, the pollen peak at 10 clock at 4 pm, so do not try to get them to stay in the gardens around this time.
It is also a good idea, a bath every time you know you have been exposed to too much dust.

Getting water filter. One way you are, what the air we breathe is clean can make is to buy the filters of the ventilation system for you or take only the air filter / air filter. If you have money to buy two air filters.

Dealing with allergies to use at home or in public places, be careful if you have multiple allergies. Follow the above methods, so you can remove the allergens that are extremely harmful for you.

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