Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knowledge About Autism

Sometimes the child is violent, and even a breach can not speak, and can be physically sick. Major medical symptoms to inflammation, infections and severe food allergies.

It is often difficult to identify the symptoms of autism, but angry outbursts, inability to learn, break shouting, throwing objects, things, sense of pain and not the temper tantrums. It is very difficult to communicate with patients and parents and children suffer a lot of contacts. If the disease is not enough reason to worry, many have a secret truth behind the misery - a link between autism and vaccinations.
It appears that autism is about four times more boys than girls in the United States and the CDC are not able to tell us why. They state simply that there can be many causes for disorders of the autism spectrum. More worrying is that it appears that the rate of disease has increased significantly from an estimate of 10,000 children in the 1970-present Currently spectacular case that they are 150 children with autism. Of course, we must look at the figures of the 70s, in the light of the fact that the understanding of the problems has increased over the coming decades and longer to diagnose the right opportunity.

What seems to have happened is that many of the vaccines containing the preservative thimerosal (which contains 50% mercury) was spent in the 90s. Another study showed that children with autism, the presence of significant quantities of mercury have been issued and accepted then another chemical toxicity began to speak and act normally, there no signs of autism.

According to numerous studies that have reported cases of autism on the rise, while the mercury in the form of thimerosal continues to operate. The Autism Society of America provides that autism is increasing, in fact, 10 to 17% per year, costing us 90 billion U.S. dollars per year and should grow to 400 billion U.S. dollars in 10 years. Support lifetime is estimated at 3.2 million per person, according to a study by Harvard.

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