Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HCG Diet

There are many types of diet that you can use if you plan to lose weight. A good idea is to do thorough research on anyone. There are advantages and disadvantages in most of them. If possible, take the time step to talk to your doctor or dietitian. It is important for a program that will help you lose weight do not harm themselves. Some of those may be considered is the diet HCD.

HCD also called human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that occurs at high levels in pregnant women. Produced during pregnancy by the placenta. He works mainly on the metabolic functions of women followed during this period. This helps in burning excess body weight and fat and muscle, then the reduction in body weight.

To lose weight by diet HCG, should the hormone synthetic form. As with all foods, it is appropriate to seek more information about them. To prioritize consult your doctor before starting any diet HCG. There are several reasons for this. Since the hormone works for internal storage of your fat, while a doctor can help you analyze an informed decision.

The hormone works in the permanent release of stored body fat. These will be spent by the metabolism of the day. Consequently, continuous burn more calories, causing weight loss. There are reports, which were 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss as a result of the successful use of feed DCP.

One of the requirements before a project managed by HCD, a medical assessment of your physical health.

Your doctor may give you some injection set for use in a diet HCD. Learn best practices in consultation with your doctor. Weight lost in the process is deposited mainly in body fat. It is advisable to follow a healthy diet during and after project implementation. Eat natural fruits and vegetables is highly recommended.

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