Thursday, October 8, 2009

Improving Infertility with Vitamins

These studies on food supplements and various diseases. During this investigation, I began to watch the effects of vitamins and their effects can access the sterility. For those of you who suffer from ovulatory infertility, there is very strong evidence shows that good nutrition can have a nutritional supplement and reproductive organs and increase the increase in fertility.
The ABCs of vitamins, is required to call the core group of nutritional supplements to turbo-boost the reproductive organs. I put just a small sample of what you can do these vitamins are available.

Vitamin A: * For women, favoring an increase in cervical fluid. * Vitamin A is increased, by far the most important addition to a woman's fertility. * The net fish oil is rich in vitamins A and D.

Vitamin B: * For men, B12 may improve mobility and balance of testosterone. * Both B6 and B12 to improve fertility in women.

Vitamin C: * For women, vitamin E can the quality of eggs. * For men, vitamin E may increase the strength of sperm multiplied by 2.5.
* Improvement of the studies show, 200 IU - 400 IU for women and 100 IU - 200 IU for the fertility of men. * Studies show that male sterile with vitamin E led to pregnancy rate by 20%. Dose was 400 IU, 800 IU

Zinc: * For men with low testosterone, zinc has been shown to improve sperm.

Iron: * anemia can cause infertility. I0-20 mg / day * Note: If you need iron, you can prevent a mild laxative as Collace PeriCollace or constipation.

Folic acid for prevention: * May neural tube defects, other congenital anomalies and protects the heart.

What we have here is a normal function of fertility requires adequate levels of vitamins in our system. Several vitamin deficiencies can lead to sabotage your efforts to become pregnant.

As always your doctor before starting something new for your lifestyle so you can receive a proper medical examination before departure. Your doctor will check the levels in your blood from vitamin A deficiency, liver and kidney function and other matters affecting the doctor in May on your health

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