Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The theory of Electronic Health Records

Electronic patient records as data defined and stored on computer systems in relation to the treatment of patients by medical personnel.

Historically, these files are stored manually on paper. Increasingly, however, the health organizations is easier and more convenient to store electronic patient records.

As mentioned, the following contribution, there are different advantages and disadvantages of storing files of documents on the computer rather than paper.

Document Sharing - The ability to have information quickly and easily with each other, processing health professionals are able to patients more efficiently and effectively.

Easy Access - With the data at any time by hand, can be treated effectively with patients, health professionals need not spend time trying to trawl paper files.

Easy to update - for example, the files will be updated on your computer, there is no delay in changing the climate of the patients, such as changes of address and telephone number of new drugs, parents, and all other aspects that could . This means that the electronic patient file correctly.

Easy to store - because the documents are stored on a computer is much less space required for storing files. It takes so much physical space to store 2 cases, up to two million records is not. This makes the information held at the offices of doctors, hospitals and other medical and dental facilities much easier to use.

Speed - The electronic files can be viewed immediately, and there is no need for a receptionist to make notes on paper in the morning to prepare all patients, a doctor will see the next day. This also means that there is virtually no chance of notes available, or confusion.

Security - having an electronic copy of the patient's medical history may contribute to the safety of 2 is improved. First, this means that only authorized officials of the location, records in a computer system is usually protected by a password can access.
Second, destroyed by a backup of the file where the data, for example by fire, there will always be an extra copy that can be called.

Now you can learn more about the theory of electronic health records, you're sure to see it in practice, contribute to faster processing, the next time you visit a doctor, dentist or hospital.

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