Sunday, October 4, 2009

Insomnia and treatments

Getting adequate sleep is an important contribution to the functioning of positive physical and psychosocial. Many of us do not seem to get enough sleep due to depression or appear or do not have time to sleep or can not sleep when our heads on the pillow away.

Do not drink alcohol or smoke before bedtime. Alcohol can disrupt sleep and insomnia worse. Nicotine also makes you wake up.

Avoid heavy meals at night, especially at bedtime. Do not drink large amounts of fluids before bedtime either.

Eliminate or reduce their consumption of beverages containing caffeine, except in the morning or early afternoon.

Avoid NAP during the day, even if you are tired.

If you do not sleep, get up and do something instead of staying there. Do not bring work to bed. If you're in the middle of the night and waking up, can not go back to sleep, try playing for a short time. Counting sheep, or rebuilding a happy event, the narrative in your head, you will be lulled to sleep.

Avoid accusations. It is not the cause of your insomnia and other concerns. Insomnia is not a crime. Not everyone needs eight hours sleep. You can feel comfortable and rather less well. Do not concern of losing sleep. A good night sleep will cause you.
Do not look now at night. Turn on the wall to avoid the temptation to look after slipping into the night.

I'm going to bed and get on a regular schedule. Keep this list, no matter how much you have or have not slept in the recent past.

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