Monday, October 5, 2009

Sudden infant death syndrome

What is Sudden infant death syndrome ?

Despite the fact that children who die from this disease often appear healthy, research shows that many defects found by such an immature respiratory system and may have a respiratory impairment. In fact, current thinking is that an abnormality in the control of breathing, which causes apnea not (? Time to breathe) prolonged hypoxemia may be caused by deep (reduction of oxygen in the blood) and irregular heartbeat. Bottle instead of breast; maternal age and the parents of the cause of cot death.
Although parents find blankets to victims trapped in corners or cradle wrapped around his head because of the autopsy to rule the death as suffocation. Even when the blood in the sputum is around the baby's mouth or a crib sheets, autopsy shows an open airway, then choked on vomit is not the cause of death. In general, babies dont come cry and show no sign of sleep disturbance, even if their positions or tangled blankets may suggest movement just before death, perhaps due to spasm of the terminal.

What are the symptoms?
Depending on the duration of the child was dead, the child may have spotted the skin color of the lips and extreme ends of the fingers, or an accumulation of blood in the legs and feet that look like bruises. Pulse and breathing are missing and the mattress is wet and full of children chairs.

How is it diagnosed?

The diagnosis of sudden infant death requires an autopsy for other causes of death. Suffixes histological characteristics of the autopsy include small or normal adrenal glands and petechiae on the face of the visceral pleura (the thymus, which is expanding), and viscera. The autopsy also showed very good? Received lymphoid structures and properties, especially chronic diseases hypoxemia, such as increased pulmonary artery smooth muscle suggest. The study also shows swollen, congestive lungs are fully developed in the pleural cavity, liquid (not clotted) blood to the heart, stomach and trachea in Quark.

If parents bring children to the emergency room, the doctor will decide whether to try to revive. In aborted sudden infant death syndrome, a child not breathing as successfully revived. As a child or a child who was a brother suffering from this disease should be tested for childhood apnea. Be recommended if the test work can be an apnea monitor at home.

Like most children can not be revived, however, treatment focuses on emotional support from family.

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