Monday, October 5, 2009

Silicone Sheets

The scars on the skin after healing of wounds caused by accidents, trauma, burns or surgery are formed. The scars look like fibrous tissue in the skin, and the size of the scar is related to the size of the wound. Skin disorders such as acne and infections like chicken pox can also scars on the skin. The collagen fibers formed in the wound and gradually a tissue up to the skin, but these tissues are the properties of the skin.

The signs are different types of scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars and scar contractures, the signs of chickenpox are categorized and acne scars.
These signs can not be eliminated completely clean the skin, but the treatments available today can deny the signs of the impact of largely reduced. This treatment method is selected silicon-film processing. The silicone film is applied over the affected area to reduce the intensity of the scar, and is a non-surgical. The injured area usually occurs at the Medical Association for the treatment and rehabilitation after the application of silicone sheet for the victim to soften the scar and an apartment in a very short time.

The package consists of a silicone gel membrane metal-based medical polymer materials. It is smooth, thin and transparent place with adhesive on one side by the skin. The silicone sheet is pressure on the skin, but allows moisture to penetrate. It should be noted that the silicone sheet should be used only after complete healing. A good cr scar? Also asked the damaged skin for optimal results in less time.

How is the silicone sheet is used to reduce scarring?
Research has shown that the use of silicone sheets to assist in the development and control of hypertrophic keloids. These flexible sheets and can access any part of the body directly related injury. It is useful to reduce the effects of old scars, minimize the development of new scars and healing. The effect of silicone sheets is reported to be high, if they are new scars, and the good news does not have side effects.
Silicone sheets to reduce the pressure to look and scar stages. Ointments, the scar too fat and uncomfortable, the comparison sheet of silicon is a non-chaotic in the treatment of scars. It is also beneficial to remove the scar compared with other traditional methods.

May silicone sheets can be used for 8 to 12 weeks for treatment of scar reduction. For best results, the use of leaves for more than 12 hours a day. It is also advisable to use a silicone sheet for weeks, more than 3 to replace a new one when it has accumulated more dirt. The affected area is washed before the sheet as accumulated dust, the quality of the adhesive sheet decreased. The silicone sheet should not be used for wounds not yet healed.

The silicone sheet can be used by all age groups and can be used anywhere. It is useful to reduce the impact of scars formed from burns. Silicone sheets may be used to treat all types of scars, including keloid scars, surgical scars, breast scars, scars c-(caesarean section scars) and traumatic scars. It is very useful in the prevention of contracture of the skin, what will happen after surgery for skin grafts. The signs around common areas to make the painful body movement, use of silicon wafers in these areas reduces the impact of scars, and improves joint mobility.

Many medical studies have shown that silicone is the best hand to treat all kinds of scars on the skin. Most plastic surgeons recommend silicone tape, signs an undertaking to treat. The silicon disks are cheap and have no side effects compared with other treatments, scar removal.

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