Saturday, October 10, 2009

Benefits of Sexual Intimacy

Intrigued by the oppressed communities, indulgences promiscuous was a story of sexual obsession in the history of humanity, and through many developments still with us. The sexual act is much calmer than intercourse, when soundly in the country. Read on to discover how they affect your health and life expectancy.

Sexually active LongevityStudies have shown that older people are sexually active are the happiest of men and women of all ages. No wonder: healthy sexual intimacy is true fountain of youth nature. It can increase the quantity of substances that lengthen your life, including life endorphins, DHEA and growth hormone.

And who will fall under such stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. In the performance of sexuality, not only to improve the quality of those years, but the amount of years!

Sexual Practices Enhancing Well BeingThe ancient Chinese had a tradition that emphasized the productive transformation of energy during sexual activity. Developed with roots in Taoist tradition, the ancient discipline using techniques of sexual practice.

As Chinese research indicates, correct sexual practices yield tremendous physical and emotional benefits for participants and more widespread, balanced hormonal production, relaxation, more energy and elevated mood.

On the other side of the spectrum, incorrect practices of no interest and can actually physically and psychologically harmful. If you have sex in your longevity plan, learn the sexual techniques Fang-chung from the Taoist tradition, it is. If sex is a natural talent, there will be an opportunity for harmonizing energies, channel for communication and action that strengthens and elevates the spirit.

1. Pay attention to your body and your needs needsCommunicate your partner and not force the action, if not all, of course, if you feel low energy, or if conditions are safe and inexpensive. Not by force, or use artificial means to wake you up when your energy is low or if the conditions are safe and appropriate.

2. Tune in seasonsDo that the animals do! Observation shows that animals are more sexually active in spring and summer and to a lesser extent, in autumn and winter. Moreover, the frequency of reports depends on your health.

3. ConsiderateIt is important to the mood of your partner, energy meter, needs so you can wear. Satisfaction of both partners is the first step in obtaining therapeutic benefits of sexuality.

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