Monday, October 5, 2009

Menopause Fatigue

During menopause, suffer from fatigue, it is very common. Some women report is on the sofa with eyes closed, not moving for a long time. Or feel the mental fatigue is the apathy and offers a complete sleep from day to night will be able to perform activities with maximum effort.
Fatigue takes many forms: loss of energy after work, fatigue, nausea after mixing signals towards the brain to the eyes and ears, revise, and much more. Many women suffer from chronic fatigue and other diagnosed hypothyroidism.

Apart from this lack of female hormones, there are many symptoms of menopause, which is difficult to symptoms such as insomnia, temporarily or waking at night, aggravated by poor nutrition contribute very tired of caffeine and d alcohol, night sweats you wake up at regular intervals, and the general depression and anxiety.
Another factor is that menopause fatigue, lack of progesterone produced in the body. Progesterone is the hormone that makes a hard pleasure of the female sex. With the introduction of menopause, which reduces the level of this hormone.

The magic question is: How can we combat fatigue during menopause? Fortunately, there are a variety of reactions. Introduction of some herbs to your diet can significantly increase the energy. Herbs like sarsaparilla and wild yam root contain plant estrogen, which is like the estrogen produced in our body. For some women, hormone replacement is necessary. Even the use of progesterone vaginal cream goes a long way in restoring sexual desire.

Exercise has been reported that many symptoms of menopause, to help with fatigue as one of the most important. The simple act of walking, basking in the sun, which is an excellent source of vitamin D can significantly improve levels of security of energy supply. Smoke? Take these cigarettes equals C, it is scientifically proven to relieve the levels of estrogen.

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