Monday, October 5, 2009

Treatment of Rhinitis

Rhinitis is that the situation described in swelling, redness and irritation can eye and nose. This condition can be caused by allergens in the air, especially dust, animal fur, or even from the pollen of certain plants, when people are allergic. You can also allergic rhinitis, and there is nothing, can be caused by obstacles in the nasal cavity due to injury or birth.

You know if you are allergic rhinitis, where the eyes begin to water and start to itch, your nose to itch and run, coughing or sneezing, and everyone should be accompanied by nasal congestion or obstruction.
If any of these symptoms for more than two weeks, you should consult a doctor.

There are a few ways to deal with this, there are nasal sprays, antihistamines, decongestants and allergy injections disadvantages. You can also try under a damp cloth to breathe with your face and then to and from the damp cloth or a humidifier.

For the treatment of allergic rhinitis, but overall, it might be best to avoid situations that promote allergies. Most of the problem is, pollen, dust and pet hair. Sometimes, tobacco smoke can still be a factor when not in use. The best way to avoid rhinitis trying to keep the spring or summer, indoors, especially if someone just mowing grass. If cause their animals outdoors, or whether it is safe to animals, is often bathed and brushed. Do not allow pets on the furniture. If, because of the smoke, it is preferable to wash yourself after you have everything around him. Stay away from areas where high levels of dust. Look to buy an air filter of a kind

Allergic rhinitis may not like the big thing, but if there is a rather long can cause a sinus infection, not only the eyes and nose, but it affects your ears, neck and head as well. If this is the case of younger children should be run in May to remove the tonsils may affect speech and hearing them, she begins to snore, oxygen levels are too low. Although the worst scenarios, but what can happen when the rhinitis is neglected.

He is also asked to drink too much water and relax. Silence is the time for your body fight against all diseases, it would have weakened the lack of rest and take the appropriate body's immune system and let the virus.

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