Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Facts about Quiting Smoking

Are you having a hard time trying to quit smoking? Are you having a hard time trying to quit smoking?
There are some crucial facts that you need to know before you attempt to quit smoking.

1. The nicotine in cigarettes is addicting. Everybody seems to know this but some people may think that they are addicted to the cigarette itself.If you smoke a pack a day chances are that you are addicted to the nicotine.When you quit smoking there are several withdrawal symptoms that you will go through.Some which are â'¢ lightheadedness â'¢ headache â'¢ sleep problems â'¢ nausea (sick stomach) â'¢ decreased heart rate â'¢ depression (feeling sad) â'¢ craving for cigarettes â'¢ irritability â'¢ increased appetite â'¢ anxiety (feeling tensed up) â'¢ difficulty thinking â'¢ constipation to name a few. These will go away after a week or two,it depends on each person because everyone is different. Having 1 cigarette even will make the withdrawal even more longer and harder. Many smokers are also addicted to the physical part of smoking. Such as the hand to mouth and always having something in your mouth. There is also those who say that they like the taste but studies show that smokers won't smoke cigarettes without the nicotine in them because they don't like the taste.

2. Puffing is a Habit Habits are formed when a smoker starts smoking and starts doing certain habits that he or she associates with smoking. This makes it harder to quit smoking.That cup of coffee in the morning with that first cigarette or the cigarette after dinner. Some places that you hang with friends . These all become triggers so that when you think about them or go there the urge to smoke is there right along with it.

3.Nicotine can be used to control mood. Cigarettes are a mood controller.When a smoker is upset or depressed a cigarette will calm them down.They become good at getting the right amount of nicotine into their systems to change their moods. This is one reason why it is so hard to quit because a smoker has learned to cope with stress by lighting up and they now have the stress of dealing with quiting without knowing how to cope with it.

4.Quiting Can Be Hard. Smoking has been said to be the hardest thing to give up.Former drug and alcohol abuse people have said that it was harder to give up than the drugs and alcohol.Sigmond Freud was one who had this problem.The quit failure rate is 90 percent.

5.People Do Quit Smoking Don't let the failure rate scare you because millions of people have quit and stayed quit . It can be done even if it might take you several tries.

6. Quiting Smoking is a step by step process. There are several stages to quit smoking. Most smokers think that after a week or two then the process is done. Not so. There are several steps that you can take to make sure that you stay smoke free.

7.Quiting Smoking Now Will Improve Your Life Smoking is the single most dangerous activity in the United States. A person who smokes has 3 times the risk of heart disease and 10 times the risk of lung cancer as a non smoker.The good news is that as soon as you quit the body goes to work at getting you back to normal.If you go 10 years of not smoking then you are almost at the same health as a non smoker and if disease has started before you quit , your body will still be much healthier.

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