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Celiac Disease - how to resault Infertility

CD Female & Male Fertility
There are many terrible diseases associated with celiac disease, but there are so insidious and its impact on fertility. While other disease manifests with symptoms observed, infertility is the absence of something (pregnancy), which until recently could not be proven, or even closed. During these include the following information is not final, it strongly suggests that fresh CD in May increased infertility, and a strict gluten free diet can reduce the impact of mass infertility.

Work on celiac disease and infertility seem to be the same statistics, all from 2000, the positive message and keep supply.
In other words, if you have celiac disease should maintain your gluten-free diet during pregnancy and after the experiment is successful, during pregnancy.
The only additional advice is to vitamins and minerals may not be available to replace the exclusion of gluten grains from your diet.

The researchers also found that women, the CD has started the gluten-free diet to menstrual cycle until a half years later than women with celiac disease and fueled the vote. Furthermore, researchers have found that up to 39% of women are on the gluten-free diet have experienced periods of amenorrhea () at regular intervals, compared with only nine percent of women with the disease was on gluten-free diet. Women with celiac disease, which can be found in the gluten-free diet before menopause four to five years earlier than women with celiac disease who were on a diet. The researchers studied women with infertility were found to test positive for C. Disease associated with antibodies at a rate ten times higher than the normal population.

It should be noted that many of these barren women are often available to babies health by consuming strictly gluten-free diet support. In Australia, the classical method for solving the problems of infertility is one of the doctors to see, take lots of vitamins and then see a specialist in vitro fertilization.
The reality is that these methods are very costly and time consuming if you have celiac disease do not know, it is likely that the chances of conceiving will increase.

Technically this is called unexplained infertility. And the explanation very well be available as celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
Anyway, if you are age or other health problems or limitations of the design, and you're not enough food is the main activity of celiac disease in your important concept to further reduce consumption.

Celiac disease and the causes of infertility menstrual cycle in a back to back thing. Unfortunately, under these circumstances, it may take longer to become pregnant, if at all, because a gluten-free diet can bring the menstrual cycle and menopause much earlier.

Even if none of these data show that celiac disease causes infertility, it strongly suggests that people diagnosed with celiac disease are more likely to understand the difficulties and they can improve their chances massively if gluten-free diet.

Male infertility is often more difficult than it proved to female infertility. Tests are usually men, just to see if the shape, number and sperm motility in general normal . What are the basic tests show is not related to the smoothness of the complex genetic code bearing sperm. Looking for normal and usual things very differently when it comes to sperm. Thus, even small children to swim well and seems to do the right things, it is quite possible that they contain too much junk DNA, have a mature fetus.

A person Connector CD is an increased risk of infertility and other reproductive disorders, and hypoandrogenism higher frequency. This disease is a deficiency of androgens in the body leads to a lack of virility and sexual potency.
With respect to nutritional aspects, the folic acid deficiency can be found on the CD rapidly proliferating tissues such as embryo and the seminiferous epithelium. Should be greater attention to deficiencies of fat soluble vitamins such as A and B will be paid, observed in Cel OC
Vitamin A is spermatogenetic nucleoplasm of Sertoli cells function as important as the first phase. Vitamin C supports the differentiation and proper function of epithelial epidydimal, the maturation of spermatids and secretion of proteins from the prostate. Therefore, men should be considered vulnerable (ref. 4).

The practical result is that the CD only has a profound effect on the fertility of women have a similar effect on male fertility for semen quality. Again, a gluten free diet is the only reference point practical issues of infertility in men who have unexplained infertility.


In a control study that examined the effect of diet on gfree pregnancy and lactation, the researchers found that women with celiac disease who do not learn to feed gfree with an error rate of 17.8% compared with 2, 4% of women with Celiac disease was in the GF diet. a group of women with celiac disease who were pregnant more than once, scientists have the effect of gluten-free diet in the next pregnancy. They concluded that the institution of gluten-free diet led to a diagnosis in a relative decrease of 35.6% to a loss of pregnancy, 29.4% reduction in low birth weight and increased two and a half months of breastfeeding.
How do you find disorder, celiac disease, see through eating foods containing gluten caused is far-reaching effects on the inhibition of reproduction. If you buy you a sign (on location in REF), is a relatively simple procedure to check yourself. The unexplained infertility is a growing part of the reason why you can not have kids. If you think you have certain symptoms, and infertility, there are several non-invasive tests, you can try before the process of IVF.

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