Monday, October 5, 2009

Brain fitness exersizes

If you really want your mind to the absolute best, if you want to better shape mentally, you should learn how to give your brain actually does work.
The first step is to remember that your mind is actually part of the physical body and your brain has to do with what you want by pressing the rest of the body.

Blood in your brain in the arteries clear, which is pumped by the heart entertain you. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen required for the cells of your brain.

thatnot so you have to eat the kind of healthy food that the wishes of your brain, not only, but play a vital role in brain function, an essential component of the program include regular physical activity. Does this surprise you?
You may wonder why the importance of exercise, if your priority is to improve the way you work your mind.

Exercise improves the oxygenation of the blood.

Exercise improves blood flow to the brain.
Physical activity strengthens the heart, which is the pump that keeps everything.
Exercise reduces the amount of artery clogging cholesterol.
Regular exercise can help relieve depression.
-It improves mood and self-esteem.
Exercise helps blood sugar, which is very important especially for diabetics.
Exercise may be the dopamine and norepinephrine, which affect not only improve mood, but also help to lock the memory when formed. .
-In animal studies, appears to be the continued production of nerve growth factor, which helps train the brain cells, improving new connections between them.

Your ability to think clearly and creatively to the physical well being of your families, both your mind and your body.

Not all of us want to exercise our bodies, because we all want to exercise our brain. He loved children, most of us do both. But often when we age we lose the need to exercise ourselves, either mentally or physically.

What types of exercise help the brain and body? To improve the ability of the heart and lungs are the best aerobic exercises. This means that the sort of perception, where you lift your body enough to break your heart rate to a target level.

To get aerobic benefits for the heart, lungs and circulation, a heart rate that is 50% higher than the rate alone. We benefit from the sweat of your heart and your lungs. We should not overdo it.

The experience gained so far is possible at a pace that you can still talk easily with a friend. To improve aerobic capacity, aerobic exercise for 20 minutes three or four times a week.

One form of exercise can significantly improve the efficiency of the heart with oxygen in the lungs and swimming, especially swimming under water. The time you hold your breath while swimming underwater should be developed gradually.

Another type of exercise can be very good for the brain is a form of mind, body sway. There are many schools and variations of mind-body exercises such as yoga, tai chi and chi gung.

People who practice mind body exercise regularly report that it reduces anxiety, calmness and clarity of thought.

For many people, easily accessible and generally positive form of exercise is walking. You can walk alone or with others.
You can walk indoors or outdoors. A walk can be part of a formal program or a person walking in a favorite neighborhood or in the countryside.

Your head will benefit more if they remain totally focused in the moment, instead of continuing this period in the compartment above your problems.

How much should you exercise? What ever you do, it is important that you practice regularly.

Vigorous exercise three hours on the weekend is not a substitute for sedentary lifestyle the rest of the week. It will leave you exhausted and sick, and want to exercise again.

Choose an activity you enjoy. Do not choose something very difficult in the beginning, if you are not familiar with the exercise. The objective, at least four times a week or more, at least half an hour exercise every time, up to one hour.

If you have more than forty years, is in poor condition or have a medical condition, start with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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