Monday, October 5, 2009

How do you keep your ears healthy

Not our ears, we have difficulty in discussing the application and not be able to some of the greatest works of musical art that was ready to listen. Okay, we would not be able to listen to music at all, if not get our voices heard.
For certain professions, such as a sonar operation, a good ear is important, but for most of us will only be able to hear and listen to react to our daily discussions.

One of the most common cause of deafness is listening to music too loud. This is the method preferred by young people who prefer listening to heavy metal music, but constantly exposed because of the volume, even a one hundred decibel noise can cause nerve damage and possible hearing damage. Turn down the music is not just a phrase to annoy older people scream really loud music is harmful to minors. In cases where noise is likely to continue for over a hundred decibels for a long period of earplugs, workers have been adopted. It's a good idea, not only reduces noise but also prevents the full amount of noise to be heard. Earplugs are two types, which is common in ear canal and driving, and the ear. If they are designed to absorb sound or reflect sound, not the person, deaf, just take the noise to a tolerable level.

Then recall that in mind, to maintain good ear health is to monitor the matter to the ear canal. Cleaning products such as Q-tips and the occasional great method and stuck a big rubber eraser can accumulate in the ear wax, but wax is used as a coating to protect and ears. With a cotton swab to clean the excess wax in the ear is acceptable, but never in the channel.

Sometimes, our hearing is deteriorating as we age, hearing aid will help the discussion, but may not be able to restore already lost. After reading your ears once or twice a year is enough for your audience is in good working condition and identify potential problems.

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