Monday, October 5, 2009

The Important Vitamin A

Recent nutrition research has found that most people do not consume enough vitamin A daily. This is not good, because vitamin A is important for good health. Major health problems can result from chronic lack of vitamin.

Vitamin A plays an important role in the quality and functioning of the immune system of the body. One aspect of this function has to do with the body skin and mucous membranes. The skin and mucous membranes serve a very important goal for the body. They act as a barrier against bacteria and viruses, protect against infections and diseases. Vitamin A helps keep skin and mucous membranes healthy, functional and able to serve, their primary goal.

We all know that carrots are good for the eyes. Because it is packed with vitamin A, which is important for display. Believe it or not, severe vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness. Many children living in poverty in third world countries around the world has become, for lack of vitamin A blind in their diet.
Vitamin A also helps maintain healthy investment surface of the intestinal tract, urinary and respiratory system. This provision provides protection against bacteria, but also promotes the efficient operation a.
One of the common units of vitamin A in food and supplement labels is the international packaging unit or IE adult males and adolescents should consume approximately 3.000 I U vitamin A per day. Adult females and young women should be about 2310 I U per day, 2565 I U per day if pregnant women and 4.300 I U / day if breastfeeding. For children aged 8 to 13, 2000 I U is the recommended daily dose of 1320 I U is sufficient for 4 to 7 years is recommended from birth to 3 years, 1.000 I U.

Can ensure the integration of nutritional supplements to complement a healthy diet that the body receives the necessary nutrients for peak performance. Labels However, it is always important, and recommendations for the supervision of a physician appropriate amount to take for your nutritional needs.

Good nutrition is essential for achieving and maintaining health. It is far better to prevent than to cure the disease. Measures to ensure that we always have enough vitamin A every day is an essential part of achieving the goals for your health.

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