Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vegetarian Diets For Diabetics

There are several reasons why people eat a vegetarian diet: malaise, meat, an aversion to killing animals, or simply choosing a different lifestyle.

Lacto-ovo + - As above, but also milk and eggs.

+ Can Lacto - milk but not eggs.

+ Ovo - Only eat eggs - but food of animal origin.

+ Fruitarian (subset of vegans - contains a section of the plant to fruit).

This scheme, while consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains are rich in fiber. Other advantages are that it is low in calories, refined sugar and saturated fats. Through careful planning and knowledge, a common vegetarian diet is adequate nutrition for diabetics.

Remember that stress certain nutrients: it should be, protein, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin B complex

Food + Lacto-ovo provides proteins using the protein and milk.

+ On the other side to a vegetarian diet protein needs are met by pulses (peas, nuts, beans, lentils, etc.). With the combination of pulses with different tastes may be the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of protein produced.

To keep in mind: because of high levels of estrogen could be a factor in physical maturation, soy milk for vegans unwanted child, even if it is an excellent source of protein.

Could the transition to a vegetarian diet cure my diabetes?

No way, man. The transition to a vegetarian diet is not likely to cure your diabetes. But it certainly offers many advantages over a non-vegetarian. Among them: your body make more insulin (perhaps the most important asset), so the risk of complications related to diabetes, some (very important too) and help better control your weight. All this of course depends on the specific practices do if the type of vegetarian diet, you have chosen. There is no single plan vegetarian diet.

The vegetarian diet is the strictest of vegetarian diet. Vegans do not eat meat or animal feed derived from animals, such as eggs and dairy products. Other types of vegetarian diets may allow dairy products and eggs. A strict vegetarian diet is generally poor, with no saturated fat and cholesterol.

Vegetable, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes contain large quantities which are high fiber and antioxidants.
In general, vegetarian diets are lower in calories than non-vegetarians.

Conclusion: good food vegetarian people have diabetes.

Vegetarian diets are usually weight loss, leading in turn to improve type 2 diabetes in people who are overweight. It is a weight loss fake-vegetarian and diabetes.

The vegetarian diet uses the body more insulin, some studies say, and this is very important if you have diabetes.
According to 2006 study in a scientific journal, 43 percent of people who consume a diet low in fat vegan reported reduced publish their need for diabetes medications.

The risk of diabetic complications such as renal and cardiovascular disease is also reduced to a vegetarian diet.
But again, it depends on the type of food you choose.

Regardless, before you go is a vegetarian diet always best to talk to a dietitian or doctor if you have diabetes. They can help you plan a diet that provides all the nutrients for the body and the right amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight

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