Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Causes Of Warts

Ask a rule, causing more warts, although many tend to emerge as a great discount. Many regard it as harmless, but it is an infection of the upper layer of skin. This virus infection is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) family.
Often this type of virus enters the skin through small cuts or scratches, which gives then the rapid growth of cells in the outer layer of skin that causes warts. This particular virus is everywhere. Everyone at some point come into contact with HPV by touching doorknobs, shaking hands and other things.
At that time, scientists have identified more than 100 types, are unique. This explains why most people have a common type of warts at some point in their lives. Usually, most people would get this kind of warts on hands.

There are some types of virus, which causes more of a tendency to warts on the skin, the hands of individuals. On the other hand, there are other HPV types are more likely to cause genital warts, but there are some who are both a cause.

If a person contracts a wart on the skin, this means that it is in contact with the virus, which has led some warts that have passed, and could even be cases where contact was months ago. The most common have warts, is the direct skin contact with another person who has a wart. In other words, not arrange toads.

Often when a person has an area of skin, which is damaged or cut, the virus tends to be a wart. In addition, biting nails, scratches and cuts from shaving one area open to infection by the virus. That is why most women have warts appear on the legs, while men between them in the beard.

Currently, doctors are still doubts as to why some people are more willing to warts than others. Some people believe that certain immune system has to deal with this kind of virus and prevention of warts to grow. In general, what makes the reason why children are more susceptible to warts than adults.

Children usually do not have the same immunity with many adults. Over the years, built to protect from many types of HPV. Another thing is that if a person gets warts it has to do with the genetic structure.

Good hygiene is one way to prevent warts. Poor personal hygiene is one of the things of which causes warts. This means that more devices than the gym and clean the port protection foot in the shower. By doing these things to make sure it is less likely to get warts, but not 100 percent foolproof.

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