Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sleep less, live longer

The study was not to say why sleeping longer may be harmful or could be the opportunity to extend the life of the population less sleep.
Kripke but said that it is possible that people are suffering, sleep apnea, sleep more, rather, a condition in which damage airway pressure for the heart and mind. It has also been speculation that the need slept with food, where less and less as people may want to use them better. The study warns, and the criticism has led to rapid, and some sleep experts have said the main problem was the U.S. sleeping habits, withdrawal, do not sleep much. None of this says that sleep is killing people, said Daniel Buysse, a psychiatrist, University of Pittsburgh and the outgoing president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Hi, how sleep should wake up, awake and alert the next day would be, Buysse said. I worry more about people who move short sleep duration when people sleep too long. Insomnia produces a variety of health outcomes not measured in the study as critical.

The study used data from a comprehensive study by the American Cancer Society from 1982 to 1988 were made. Women for 8, 9-10 pm per night was 13 percent, 23 percent and the risk of 41 percent more likely to die, respectively, than those who slept 7 hours, according to the study. Men for 8, 9-10 pm per night was 12 percent, 17 percent and the risk of 34 percent more likely to die during the period studied. However, five hours of sleep a night increases the risk for women than 5 percent of men and 11 percent.

Kripke, the largest study, noted that relatively few people so little slept-1 in 1000 - when nearly half of all people sleep eight hours or more. The study also found that taking a sleeping pill every day increases the risk of death by 25 percent.

It seems that there is no mortality risk of insomnia, said Kripke. Recommended that people regularly need pills to get eight hours sleep. To take into account that tranquilizers were used until 1988, since 1982, not the pills, even today, although Kripke is not proof that the pills are safe now, these figures provide the best information about whether sleeping pills for long-term safe use. Kripke, whose study was funded by federal taxes, said that doctors had recommended that we take every eight hours of sleep per night have been influenced in part by pharmaceutical companies that make sleeping pills. He referred to a report by a PR company that was the drug Ambien, the money for the National Sleep Foundation, people sleep in a public health crisis in the registration marketing campaign. Buysse Walsh and both have served as paid consultants to makers of sleeping pills, but refused to be influenced by this role.

Buysse, who wrote an editorial accompanying the Kripke said more research to understand what is the relationship between sleep and risk of death. The study is based on reports from people about their sleep habits may be incorrect. When people are asked how long they sleep, indicate generally how long stay in bed, said Buysse. This would mean that people who reported sleeping eight hours of sleep really about half past seven, which made low-risk category of the study could. Buysse also disagree that sleep is like food, arguing that while people can reduce their sleep, not choose to sleep anymore. Donald Bliwise, a psychologist at Emory University in Atlanta, said studies had shown that if people could, if they want to sleep with no evidence of watches, was usually 14 to 15 hours a day on the first day. Everyone, Bliwise said, is walking just sleep deprived.

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