Sunday, October 4, 2009

Depression is different for male and female

For reasons not well understood, two-thirds of all people with depression are women. Researchers have proposed biological explanations, psychological and social consequences for this. The biological explanation is based on the observation that women appear to be at greater risk for depression if their hormone levels changed significantly, as in the premenstrual phase, the period after the birth of a child and menopause. Androgen levels appear to remain relatively stable throughout life.
The researchers, therefore, the theory that women are inherently at greater risk of depression. But the evidence supporting this theory, although not at odds.

Although adolescents and adults have found depression twice as fast as men had the experience seems to represent the college population, a notable exception, experience with similar rates for men and women. Why? Several theories have been proposed for this anomaly.

The social institutions of the campus to provide a more equitable situation of gender roles of men and women.

College women have fewer side effects than girls school.

Men in the report of the Academy of events more negatively than in high school.

College women report less support and social networks.

Depression is often before a stressful event. Some psychologists, therefore, the theory that women are more sensitive to stress than men and therefore more vulnerable to depression in ruins. However, women reported greater occurrence of more stressful events than men.

Finally, researchers, gender differences in coping strategies or response to certain events or stimuli, and the statement that monitor the strategies of women have a higher risk of depression than the approaches proposed men. Presented to see a list of things that people, when pressed, students were asked to indicate how likely you are to participate in the conduct of each item in the list above. Men tend to say that more thought, because I am depressed to avoid, I need something natural and play sports. Women tend to say that probably know why I try 1 depression, talk with others about my feelings and I cry to relieve tension. Tried in other words, to distract attention from the depressed mood, whereas women tend to focus their attention. If feelings of depression may respond to these women's feelings-style, are more likely than men to be clinically depressed. This case has not been tested directly, but some elements to be valid.

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