Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bacterial vaginosis treatment

Do not let the flavor or fragrance, which use surface to search for natural cures for bacterial vaginosis, and creates the odor. Using products like these, usually consisting of alcohol, can literally destroy good bacteria and cause complications, actually increases the problems associated with the initial state is able to.
So, what can I share with you some natural cures for bacterial vaginosis.
A home remedy that can be used safely and effectively reduce vaginal odor and treatment of bacterial vaginosis BV or vaginal bacterial and the choice of fashionable dress from lightweight, 100 percent cotton, because it allows the skin of the vagina to breathe and prevent excessive sweating.

It is the practice of hygiene, a real alternative for the treatment of BV cleaning bay with clean water, clean the excess of fluid, resulting from the situation. Despite the fact that these liquids can significantly contribute to an undesirable odor, so BV, keep in mind that this is only to eliminate the effects of experience, the natural defense system to cause harmful bacteria from the body. Swimming intermittent vaginal, clean water, is probably one of the most effective natural cures for bacterial vaginosis because it leads to rejection of the relentless smell caused by bacteria.

Another very effective treatment of BV home is a process for regular cleaning of the area associated with a solution of water, vinegar and salt. With the destruction of harmful bacteria and play an important role in addressing the troublesome symptoms, the process will prove to be the elimination of the odor associated with bacterial advantage vaginosis.

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