Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cause of overweight

Obesity wrote and spoke about the growing, but the number of overweight people is steadily increasing. State Specific drastic change in lifestyle of people in recent decades and the resulting changes in physiology and psychology, giving the human body is not the answer, as the main reason for this.

1. Your life is constantly in motion.

You do not have enough sleep, eat sandwiches at work, and your main meal is late at night or even during the night.

Eating disorders, which will probably say that the incidence of obesity. Try to take a full breakfast and light meals in the evening, which is mostly composed of carbohydrates quickly.

Chronic lack of sleep disrupts the production of enzymes.

2. It is all day on your desktop, in another time you leave your car and spend the evening in bed watching television.

Lack of physical activity (hypodynamia) is a process cost the agency has no reason for too many calories. The result is a simple and increased physical stress (activation of metabolism and sympathetic nervous system is responsible for weight loss). Even if you swim or dance (ie, not a force) exercises, you will not have problems gradually lose the accumulated fat.

3. You go through a difficult period in your life and you just happy to eat despite the saturation and stay in bed.
It was found that 30% of fat people? Due to stress? In a state of depression. Sometimes, the ravenous appetite and weight gain are the only signs of mental illness. In this case, should generally be correct to psychotherapy and medication, removing the fear and improve availability.
4. Production of some hormones.

You will notice that your face was rounder, having acquired their cheeks painted red, and grow hair on your body. High blood pressure is stopping you. In women, the menstrual cycle stops frequently and people with reduced power.

This is a greater production of cortical hormones) (glucocorticoids. The reason is the presence of infection or the formation of malignant adrenal gland diseases section of the brain (pituitary or hypothalamus) or receiving glucocorticoid medication (most commonly prescribed for rheumatism, or inflammation).

5. Chronic diseases is one of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, or if you have any problems with the digestive organs.

Keep fluids in your body. They are cast out when the amount exceeds 5 liters. In this way, your body mass increases of 5 to 7%. This disease must be addressed.

6. The weight gain by itching, frequent urinating, deteriorated vision, thirst together.

These are typical symptoms of type 2 diabetes, you are dealing with an endocrinologist, will see an analysis of blood and pancreas.

7. Skip the stress hormones known as teenage pregnancy Climax.

During these periods, your body makes an adjustment and concerns of weight. Suppose that it is extremely difficult to lose more weight gained during the last two months of pregnancy.

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  1. I am not overweight, but that is some great information. Some of the causes, I would not have thought. I figured, eat less, lose weight. I guess it is not really that easy. Thanks for sharing.