Sunday, October 4, 2009

How do you care for your hair

The most recent analysis of about 30,000 people are exposed to this pressure is increasing in America and, of course men and women are concerned mainly about the appearance of hair.

This is confirmed by the fact that spent a hair of the main categories of personal care in the form of money.

Here are tips for good hair care professionals, particularly in reducing hair loss and how healthy hair, you should stop aging.

The number one tip is the least for your hair. When it comes to hair care, less is more. Hair can be easy for most product styling, hair or to repeat the process, such as color loss, permanent hair waving or straightening.

These things may go better with beauty products seem to be hair, but sooner or later will surely lose their hair, some natural shine and give the impression harmful.

Many people do not realize that hair is dead and can not repair if damaged. If you slow down with age, the hair grows down and the beauty of hair.

Hair loss in women is a serious cosmetic concern, so the secret to stop the damage by avoiding the processing and maintenance of hair and selecting hair care products with the specified performance.

The hair is the healthiest in our 20s. Young women should stay away from diets or yo-yo effect, because the chaos could lead to hair. Your hair, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals very well. Wool diet fail to develop properly and maintain normal, the radiant, healthy glow.

For women 30 years of age, the hair is often influenced by the health of the pregnancy. During pregnancy, hair looks luxurious and glamorous.
However 6 months later that the offer rebates hair. In this case, 2 scenarios are possible. Some hair will eventually grow. But for women, a trend towards a woman can have hair loss, hair grow back.

The gray began to appear among women in the 40s. Women at this age are usually targeted at hair color as a way to camouflage gray hair.

Hair color is always dangerous, no matter what color you use. If you color your hair more than 3 colors will help you require larger quantities of peroxide. Consequently, the hair is damaged. So if women want to cover gray hair, you should dye their hair in shades 3COLOR natural colors.

In addition, women in their 40s, of course, enter the perimenopausal period. As estrogen levels begin to fall, women can experience thinning hair and noted that her hair is not growing as fast.

The diameter of the hair in women aged 50 and older continue to illuminate.

Therefore, women should shorten the duration of the leave of styling products for the cause of hair minutes require less time to process.

Older women should manage their hair, protein and air conditioning as little as possible

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