Sunday, October 4, 2009

Treatment and causes of migraine

Migraine is a headache to continue to stop in your normal daily activities. It is a widespread condition affecting up to 15% of the population. Women come to be more vulnerable than men and believe that the tendency for migraine in the family.

Migraines are caused by the release of serotonin in the blood. Just what will happen these reasons still unknown? However, it was recognized by many factors that can cause migraine attacks in susceptible people, environment, fatigue, such as stress, poor nutrition and hormones such as estrogen.

The most obvious symptom of migraine is throbbing and almost unbearable pain behind your eyes. Most of the victims complain that migraine, which is particularly sensitive to light, smells and sounds different C often want to escape in a dark room and quiet. Here is a series of migraine complain of nausea and vomiting as well.

Most are based on a necessary basis for the treatment of migraine, which if done by the treatment of pain is sought.
Major Migraine reach victims of a painkiller paracetamol or stronger.

Unfortunately, drug use is the pain of migraine is not concerned with a technique of effective treatment. Instead, people should be less emphasis on the defensive nursing.

The most common technique is to get rid of food precautions) can cause migraines, such as caffeine (in any form, coffee, alcohol, nitrates, and cheese. In addition to eliminating these foods should also to focus on increasing your magnesium aspartate and vitamin B

Later, as suffering from migraine dietary improvements should focus on reducing stress. Whether breathing meditation or yoga classes start with the practice they can do everything to reduce stress and thereby reduces the frequency of migraine attacks.

Migraine is three times more universal in women than in men. ), Irritability, anxiety, lack of sleep and food, contact with the sun and hormonal changes (in women may be the cause of migraine. RelaxHed is a balanced mix of homeopathic medicines in accordance with headaches and sore incredible power head again to look for several reasons.

Headaches may be a sign of various diseases. Frequent headaches seriously affect the lives of millions of patients. All parts, tension headaches, the most extensive type of headache. Migraine is the second most common type of headache.
Migraine is 3 times more women than normal compared with men. Anxiety, stress, diet or sleep, exposure to sun and hormonal changes (in women) is merely a trigger for migraine.

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