Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vitamins minerals-the patron saint of health

Vitamins and minerals are all components of a healthy body and mind healthy. People suffering from food shortages important nutrients are suffering from various health problems that may, if not treated within a reasonable time to the most complex problems to develop.

With the growing trend of fast food in modern life has created an imbalance in our normal diet, a lack of health all the necessary nutrients. It's really impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle in an age of fast food. And to create a balance in our diet, so we have all the ingredients for a healthy life, I start with a diet containing a balanced dose of good vitamins and minerals our body needs.

Eating alone is not sufficient, the required amount of vitamins, like many grocery stores sell vitamins and minerals taken from them in order to remain fresh for a long time.

Vitamin B is a complete set of all the healthy nutrients needed by the body and some of them in the body, but most of them have left stored in the liver. Vitamin B is essential for all bodily functions to operate effectively.

Vitamins are essential elements of life for the normal body temperature of growth and development of necessary human friends. Most of the vitamins we need is the food we eat while we have achieved, other through various means. For example, microorganisms in the gut also produce some vitamins that are essential to a healthy life. Most vitamins are important for body function and basic maintenance of the various cells and tissues obtained.

People who suffer from vitamin A deficiency in vitamin different problems. But people who eat a varied diet suffer from problems of vitamin A, while those who restrict their diet is limited to food shortages were a problem if not controlled can lead to life risk of health problems.

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