Sunday, October 4, 2009

Signs and Symptoms of Autism

As more and more aware of autism, many parents wondering what signs to seek their own children. Although it may be difficult to detect, studies with children can be detected at the age of 12 months to show symptoms of autism. Others may have no symptoms until young children. Milder cases may not show symptoms until the child is 4 or 5. Here are some things to consider, how to develop in children.

During the first years of life, infants develop an interest in their environment. They begin to recognize sounds and images that express emotion and interaction with family members. Although there are tests, not accepted for the diagnosis of autism at this age, there are things like a parent's child. Part of this is to develop a social service or a joyous smile, not following issues of interest, not imitation or chatter and not actively involved in the interaction with the environment. Autistic children can not or do not show any or all of these characters.

When your son or your daughter is entering second year of life, it is easier to see if they reach the stage of development. Does show the joy when a family member enters the room? The repeating words or phrases that I hear often?
It is social with other children?, React when asked her name? Do recognize the names of others?
Some children with autism begin to develop symptoms such as young children. Maybe like a baby, your child interact with their environment, but now seems to withdraw.

Children tend to have greater awareness of the world and their place in it, as they age. Communication skills are more advanced learning and social behavior. Most show a strong interest in other children and want to play. Understand more complex concepts and instructions, such as during lunch, before playing again. As the child grows, are able to express their feelings adequately. Children with autism can exhibit this behavior.

Even if none of these symptoms alone to determine autism, which is typical for an autistic child. The fact that the potential signs and are aware of autism, parents are the key to diagnosis. If you still have concerns about the development of your child, ask your pediatrician. Together you can determine which party is best for your child. Early intervention has proven to be very favorable for the development of children with autism.

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